Meet the Team – Behind The Scene

Ahmad Faraz
Founder of Headphone tic
Responsible For Content Strategy

Haris Mehboob
Do I sound like a boss ? Thats exactly what I am here !

I code here. No, I can not hack your babe’s Fb – Because I am busy In protecting headphonetic.
Abdul Moeez : Responsible For Technical Side

Junaid Jaffir (Content Manager)
I see every word with my 576 Mega Pixels eyes so that you will get the right Information.

Guns and Glory – Headphones and their Story!

I cover headphones reviews and help you decide the best!

Zubair Zaffar : Responsible For Reviews

Missing me ? Missing everything.

What We do ?

  • Review Headphones
  • Compare Headphones
  • Guide People On How To Buy Headphones
  • Guide People On Different Issues With Their Headphones
  • Guide People With Best Headphones
  • Industry News For Audiophiles