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Tenz Headphones: Which Ones Does He Use In 2024?

What sets great players like Tenz apart from the rest? It’s not just their skills, it’s also the headphones (or earbuds) they rock. 

Because when you’re gaming at the top, every sound matters, and so does the style.

If you’re curious about what Tenz headphones use, I’ve got the answer for you. Just keep reading.

Or, if you are wondering what headphones other celebrities are wearing and where to get it, no problem, you can just check out this Category.

Quick Rundown Of The Headphones Tenz Uses

Tenz uses the XTRFY H1 PRO gaming headset as his headphones of choice and it’s easy to see why.

With its sleek and modern design, coupled with exceptional sound quality, this headset provides Tenz with an unparalleled gaming experience.

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backpac Xtrfy H1 PRO Type: Over-Ear
Connection: Wired
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This handset has an amazing noise cancellation feature, adjustable structures, and all the comfort you’ll ever need. It’s an absolute must-have for any pro gamer or streamer out there. And guess what? You don’t have to be a pro gamer or streamer to enjoy all the benefits of this incredible headset!

What Headphones Does Tenz Use?

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind Tenz’s mind-blowing beats? Well, let me tell you, it’s all locked up in his magical headphones. 

So what headphones does Tenz Use?

Just like any other gaming legend, Tenz absolutely slays with a collection of headphones that possess their own superpowers. It’s like having a secret weapon for every epic moment, Do you feel me? 

But when it comes to gaming and streaming, Tenz’s favorite headphones are the XTRFY H1 gaming ones. They’re his go-to choice.

Tyson Ngo, or as you may know him, Tenz, is a professional Canadian Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) player. He’s not just any player though, he’s got quite the following as a popular YouTuber and streamer in the CS:GO community with over 1.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Tenz is known for his amazing aim and clever strategies that he uses to outsmart his opponents. And let’s not forget about his unique sense of style when it comes to gaming. From his choice of peripherals to the headphones he wears, he’s always got that extra touch of flair.

You’ve probably seen him rocking them in his streams, or maybe at gaming tournaments when he’s flexing his champion gaming skills. He’s always representing the XTRFY H1 and showing that with the right gear, you can totally level up your game.

Now, if you’re curious about why the XTRFY H1 headphones are Tenz’s absolute favorites, I’ve got the answer. But shhh, it’s a secret that’s only revealed in the full article. 

So stay tuned and keep an eye out. 

Why Does Tenz Use The  XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset?

Tenz is no ordinary player. He’s always pushing the boundaries of gaming and streaming with his outrageous performance, so it only makes sense that he prefers a headset that can keep up with him. 

The question has been asked time and time again: why does Tenz choose the XTRFY H1 gaming headset?

You know what? Tenz actually spills the beans quite a few times in his streams. And guess what he has to say about the XTRfy H1? Let me tell you.

He was like, “I absolutely love the clarity of sound I get from the XTRFY H1. The noise reduction is spectacular and I can easily notice tiny details in my game that I might not have noticed otherwise.

But you know what? Tenz doesn’t just like it for the amazing sound quality. He also loves the extra-long cord that gives him so much freedom to move around while he’s playing.

Plus, it’s got a neat customizable LED lighting system that Tenz uses to make his streams look even more awesome.

Tenz Headphones – XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset:

So, Tenz’s favorite headphones are the XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset. He absolutely loves them! But hey, you might have a different opinion, and that’s totally okay.

Before you make a decision, let me fill you in on all the details about the XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset that you gotta know.

The XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset is seriously impressive! It’s got this sleek and modern design that just catches your eye, you know?

The combination of bold lines and subtle curves gives it a look that’s totally unique among other gaming headsets.

And let’s talk about the materials – they feel so sturdy and durable like you’re getting that premium quality. Plus, the ear cups can be adjusted and swivel to fit your ears perfectly, so you’ve got that ergonomic design going on.

Oh, and the color choices? They’re just so tasteful and let you add your own personal touch. It’s all about that style, my friend!

The XTRFY H1 has this amazing feature – its powerful bass and sub-bass performance. So, whether you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session or just jamming to your favorite music genres, this headset delivers an incredibly satisfying low-end punch.

You’ll feel the explosions in games and the bassheavy tracks in music with a noticeable impact, immersing you even more into the experience.

And the best part? The bass is impressive without overpowering the other audio frequencies. It’s a win-win.

When it comes to mids and vocals, the XTRFY H1 strikes a great balance. The midrange frequencies are crystal clear, allowing in-game dialogue, character interactions, and vocals in music to really shine.

And the best part is, despite the pronounced bass, it never overpowers those crucial midrange frequencies. 

o you get the best of both worlds – immersive gaming audio and all the subtle nuances of vocal-heavy content.

When it comes to extended gaming sessions, comfort is key, and the XTRFY H1 really nails it.

With cushioned ear cups and headbands, it’s super comfy to wear for hours on end. Plus, the adjustable design ensures a snug fit for all head shapes and sizes, without any discomfort or annoying pressure points.

And let’s not forget about the breathable materials that keep you cool, taking the comfort level up a notch

If you’re into gaming, you probably hate background noise, right? Well, guess what? The XTRFY H1 has got you covered.

Its advanced noise cancellation technology keeps annoying distractions at bay, so you can stay focused on your game without any interruptions.

And here’s another cool thing: when you’re streaming, it helps reduce background noise and feedback issues. That means your audience gets to hear every single audio detail crystal clear. How awesome is that?


  1. What headphones does popular YouTuber Tenz use?

Tenz, the pro gamer and streamer, uses the XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset. With its top-notch sound quality and super comfy design, this headset fully immerses Tenz in the virtual world, giving his audience an unmatched entertainment experience.

  1. What headphones do Volarant players use?

Tenz, one of the gaming greats, uses the XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset. It has everything he needs – excellent sound quality, adjustable ear cups, an extra-long cord for maximum freedom, and a cool customizable LED lighting system for streaming.

  1. Is the XTRFY H1 Gaming Headset comfortable?

Definitely. The XTRFY H1 has ultra-comfy cushioned ear cups and a headband, with an adjustable design that fits all head shapes and sizes comfortably. Its breathable materials keep you cool for hours, making it perfect for long gaming sessions.

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