Aceu Headphones | Which one are they -

Aceu Headphones | Which One Are They? Let’s Discuss In 2024

Pro gaming depends on many things, and headphones are one of those crucial things. You might also be wondering what headphones your favorite gamers are using. 

Aceu Headphones | Which one are they -

Brandon Aceu Winn, known as Aceu, is one of the most followed pro gamers in the world. He belongs to America and has ruled over the gaming world for a few years. Some of his accomplishments are Apex Legend Team and Best Streamer Award

Now you might be curious about what makes Aceu headphones so strong in Counter Strike Global, and the answer is his professional gaming kit

But if you’re looking for a guide on how to pair Cowin Headphones? Then you can read this article.

Aceu Headphones:

One cannot deny the role of headphones in pro gaming, so let’s discuss the Aceu headphones for pro gaming and what he has been using. 

Aceu uses the wired version of Apple AirPods for gaming. You must have seen him wearing those old-school wired earphones in all his competitions. Apple AirPods are known for many incredible features, but what makes them so good is that they can also be used in pro gaming. 

It can be anything, comfort level, good detail, microphone, or built quality. This question mark will be removed once you read this article till the end. 

Why does Aceu Use Airpods?

This question has been asked a lot of times, and Aceu has answered it repeatedly. Aceu tells us that he feels very comfortable wearing Apple Airpods. It does not disturb his hairstyle; more importantly, its built quality is smooth and prevents ear pain.

Every pro gamer uses some most expensive and high-class headphones for gaming, and the world is full of those products. 

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Apple Airpods is also known for its incredible microphone, but let’s check how it competes with other high-end gaming headphones

Aceu Headphones! Wired Apple Airpods:

Aceu has used the Apple AirPods for his gaming life so far. Some features make AirPods a good fit for pro gaming. You might disagree, but here are all the details one should know before deciding about Apple headphones. 

The first and most important feature that makes Apple Airpods suitable for pro gaming is its design and shape. 

Apple AirPods come in ear-friendly shapes. It has been specially molded in this shape to keep the tiny part of the speaker intact with an ear canal. When this speaker is directed toward the ear canal, all the sound particles go straight into the ear canal. This will help in providing passive noise isolation to the user. It does not offer a unique ANC feature like the latest versions launched by Apple, but it is enough for Aceu. This feature is the main reason Aceu has always used Apple Airpods

Its trendy design, comfortable fit, and noise isolation will give the gamer a different world to focus on during any game competition. 

Now we are discussing the feature that decides the fate of any headphone and its frequency response. 

Frequency response is counted in the Hauritz. It means the quality of any audio device to detect the frequency range coming toward it in the shape of electric signals. Apple AirPods have a maximum frequency range of 21000 Hz. This max range might not be suitable for music lovers, but it is more than enough for game lovers. Its minimum frequency response is 5 Hz, which tells us its ability to detect low notes and bass music. Overall it comes with a frequency range that is dependable for game lovers. 

Aceu must have been using this Apple headset because of its excellent frequency range, as it provides clarity to gamers

Sensitivity is a crucial part of every pair of headphones. Especially when you are using it for gaming purposes, it would help if you had perfect sensitivity. 

Good headphones always come with fixed sensitivity. It is the ability of your device to detect and play sound at every level, whether a minor change or a healthy change. Fixed sensitivity is a concept that was introduced to keep your ears safe. Apple Airpods come with fixed sensitivity of 109 dB. It can detect the slightest of changes and also the highest of changes. But anything more than the 109 dB range will harm the ears, so it keeps you safe at 109 Db. 

Aceu must have felt the difference between the sensitivity or sound intensity of other gaming headphones and Apple AirPods as a pro gamer. 

Apple AirPods are not just a pair of simple headphones but proper gaming headsets. It comes with a high-quality microphone. 

The quality of the microphone always depends upon the price of the headphone. Cheap headphones mostly have cheap microphones. But Apple Airpods is the case otherwise. It used to come as a free product with iPhone gadgets in the beginning. And now it has been relaunched as a product that is not much expensive. It can be bought at around 20 USD from online stores easily. The gaming world has changed, and all pro gamers like having perfect microphones. 

Apple Airpods fulfill this standard of pro gamers with 10/10 points. The quality of the microphone is so good that it even forces the tiktokers to use it for vlogs. 

Live pro gaming requires us to be extra vigilant with our gaming kit. We must perform multiple actions with our hands free at different game times. 

Apple Airpods come with a decent buttoned control system on the line. You can perform different operations with the buttons, such as volume up, volume down, mute, and pause. It also comes with double-tap functions that can be activated using any phone gadget. We can set different functions for this double-tap feature. 

Button’s system makes this headset most reliable for pro gamers. That might be the reason why these are Aceu headphones. 


  1. Why do apex players use earbuds?

Apex players usually use two types of headphones at the same time. They wear genuine noise-canceling over-ear headphones to get rid of the ambient noises. At the same time, apex players wear the earbuds under those over-ear headphones. This makes them unaware of their surroundings and entirely focused on the games. That’s why they use earbuds. 

  1. What headset does Aceu use?

Aceu uses wired Apple Airpods for the pro games. He has been asked quite a few times about not using professional gaming headsets. He answered that Apple Airpods are pretty comfortable to him and don’t cause any pain around the ears. He added further that his hairstyle also stays intact, and he likes it. 

  1. Can you skip songs with Apple headphones?

Aceu has used Apple Airpods because of their comfort level and good gaming purpose. On the other hand, apple AirPods can also be used for music listening. It also provides multiple buttons for different operations. You can skip the song by pressing the center button twice simultaneously. 


Aceu headphones are known for their incredible pro-game-playing ability, and pro gaming depends a lot on the gaming kit, especially the headset. 

Unlike many successful pro gamers, Aceu has used wired Apple AirPods for his gaming life. He tells us that Airpods can detect even the slightest of changes in the sound. Detection of slight changes in the sound will help gamers to know the location of hidden enemies in games. 

Overall, Apple Airpods come with all required to be a good gaming headset, such as frequency response, comfort wearing, sensitivity, and perfect microphone

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