How To Pair Cowin Headphones -

How To Pair Cowin Headphones | Step-By-Step Guide In 2023

Cowin headphones are known for their superior sound quality and built material. They give a classy look to everyone who wears it. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones -

The latest models of Cowin headphones can quickly provide a connection range of 10 meters, which is better than many expensive products in the market. If you have purchased one, then you are a lucky one. Now you might be having difficulty connecting these headphones using Bluetooth or NFC.

It is okay because the outer shell of Cowin headphones is usually different from regular products, so that might be why you are not getting the right way to connect. 

We have listed all the steps you need to know how to pair Cowin Headphones on your device, whether Android, Windows, iPhone, or Mac

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What Drives the Popularity of Cowin Headphones?

Cowin headphones enjoy excellent reviews on websites such as Amazon and Walmart. There are multiple reasons behind it.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Cowin ANC Wireless Headphones Type: Over-ear
Connection: USB
Battery Life: 20 hours
Check Price

One of the main reasons is its monetary value. Its versions are priced under USD 90 and include every advanced feature required in headphones. One of its most successful models, the E7, has a playback time of 30 hours. Other models have excellent noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity, latency rate, and, most importantly, built design.

As the saying goes, “The first impression is the last impression.” Cowin headphones are highly gorgeous and draw attention. 

Cowin has made a reputation for itself with its outstanding offers. They are designed to dominate the mid-priced headphones market. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones?

Before we start Bluetooth settings on the device, we need to take out the headphones to pairing mode. So first, we will discuss the steps to turn on the pairing mode, and these steps will be the same for every device. Here is how to turn it on.

  • Press the Power Button:

First, the Cowin headphones are to be entered into the pairing mode. You need to turn on these headphones. Press the power button given at the backside of the right earcup. The place of the button might vary according to the mode. Press the power button, and it will be turned on. 

  • Hold The Power Button:

If you have recently purchased your Cowin headphones and are now going to connect them to your device for the first time, then you need to press and hold the power button for 2 to 3 seconds. Its light will start blinking, and the blinking LED light is a sign that Cowin headphones are now in pairing mode. 

1. How to Pair Cowin Headphones with Android?

Now the Cowin headphones have entered the pairing mode, and we must move to our device. If you are using an Android device, you should feel relaxed because connecting these headphones to Android will be effortless. First, enter your headphones into pairing mode and follow the given steps. 

We need to go to the Bluetooth settings to turn on the Bluetooth; first, we will go to the mobile settings. Look for the traditional Settings icon in your app drawer and tap on it. It will take you to the mobile settings. 

In the list of mobile settings, scroll down and tap on the Bluetooth option. It will take you to the Bluetooth settings.

A toggle switch will be given to turn on the Bluetooth settings in the Bluetooth settings. It will be available at the top of a new window. Click on this toggle to turn on the Bluetooth of your device. 

How to Pair Cowin Headphones with Android - Step 3: Use the Toggle Switch -

Tapping on the toggle switch will start the processing. Bluetooth will be turned on, and your mobile will search for the available devices. In the list, your Cowin headphones will also appear. Tap on your device name in the list to start pairing. 

The Android system will ask for the final permission to pair. Give it final permission by clicking Yes. 

If you pair the device to your mobile device for the first time, it might ask for the passcode. This passcode is 0000. Write in the passcode, and the Cowin headphones will be connected. 

The light status of the headphones will change now. The blinking light will be turned into a steady blue light, which is a sign of its successful Bluetooth connection. Enjoy the Music. 

2. How To Pair Cowin Headphones with WindowsOS?

If we talk about the latest versions of Windows and the latest generations of laptops, they mostly come with Bluetooth built-in features. You can connect your Cowin headphones to the laptop as well. Here is how to do it. 

Check your headphones are in pairing mode with the blinking light. If not, follow the initial steps to turn it on. 

Click on the Windows icon at your laptop screen’s bottom left corner. If you can’t find the Windows icon, try pressing the Windows button on your keyboard. It will open a new pop-up window. 

A sidebar with different icons will be given in the new Windows icon. Click on the settings icon in this list to open the laptop settings for you. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones with WindowsOS - Step 3: Click on Settings Icon -

A new window of settings will appear with a long list of options. In these options, click on Devices. Clicking on the devices will take you to all the settings of the devices that are connected, or that want to be connected. 

When you click on Devices, a new window will instantly open with Bluetooth and other devices as the first choice. Now look for your headphones in the list of available options. If not available, click on Add Bluetooth Device. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones with WindowsOS - Step 5: Add Bluetooth Device -

Now the windows will explore the options available to be paired, and your headphones will also be present in it. Click on your headphones to pair them with your laptop.

It will likely ask for the final permission with the help of Passkey. Enter 0000 as the passcode and give it final permission. 

You will hear the beep sound in your headphones, and the blinking light will turn steadily blue now. The connection is made, and it’s time to listen to some podcasts.


3. How To Pair Cowin Headphones with iPhone?

The iPhone Bluetooth settings are similar to the Android settings. But we have listed the complete settings to help you out. Follow the steps. 

Follow the initial steps to turn on your headphones and put them in pairing mode. Now check if the LED light is blinking on it. A blinking light means the headphones are in pairing mode. 

Now look for the settings icon on your iPhone. The settings application will be available in the app drawer and displayed with a gear icon. Click on it to open the iPhone settings. 

Tapping on the settings icon will take you to the settings list. A new window will have all types of settings and one of those will be Bluetooth settings. Please scroll down to look for the Bluetooth option and tap on it. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones with iPhone - Step 3: Tap on Bluetooth -

A new window will appear with Bluetooth settings. It will have a toggle switch to turn on the Bluetooth. Tap on this toggle switch to turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone.

How To Pair Cowin Headphones with iPhone - Step 4: Turn on Bluetooth -

Turning the Bluetooth on will let the device search for nearby devices. Soon after processing, it will enlist the available devices. One of these devices will be your Cowin headphones. Please tap on the device from the list to connect it using Bluetooth.

If you are connecting the device for the first time, your headphones might ask for the passcode to be connected. Type 0000 and press enter. 

The status of the LED light on the headphones will be changed, and the devices will be paired now. LED lights will stop blinking and will turn blue. 

4. How to Pair Cowin Headphones with MacOS?

The Mac operating system is quite different from Windows and other operating systems. There is a mix of reactions to the use of Mac. People who use it regularly call it the most convenient OS. Let’s see how we can connect our Cowin headphones to it. 

The home screen of your Macbook will have a bar with multiple options. This bar can be located at two different places, either at the bottom or the top. In the corner of this bar, an apple logo will be given. Click on this app logo to open the settings of your macOS. 

Clicking on the Apple logo will give a drop-down menu with multiple options. All of these options are related to the settings of macOS. Click on the System Preferences option to move forward with the Bluetooth settings

How to Pair Cowin Headphones with MacOS - Step 2: Click on System Preferences -

Clicking on the system preferences will open a completely new window. Multiple settings options will be given in this window. One of these will be a Bluetooth option. Look for the Bluetooth logo in this new window and click on it. 

How to Pair Cowin Headphones with MacOS - Step 3: Click on Bluetooth -

A new window will appear with all the settings related to the MacOS Bluetooth. At the left side of the window, the Turn On Bluetooth option will be given right under the Bluetooth icon. Click on this option to turn on the Bluetooth. 

Now the system will take a few seconds to process, and it will enlist all the nearby devices ready to be paired using Bluetooth. Select the Cowin headphones from this list. 

How to Pair Cowin Headphones with MacOS - Step 5: Select Cowin Headphones -

If the devices are getting connected for the first time, then the system might ask you to write down a passcode. Enter 0000 as a passcode, and it will process the request. 

Your Cowin headphones are now connected to the MacOS. You can confirm it by checking the steady blue light on your headphones. It is time to enjoy Netflix on your Macbook now. 

How To Pair Cowin Headphones Using NFC?

Do You Know?

NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a unique feature of different devices nowadays. It is a radio-type communication feature that is used to connect the devices. The NFC chip is mainly placed in the middle of the backside of the earcups. Just tap on it with your device or bring it near, and the devices will be connected. 

If we talk about the popularity of Cowin headphones, the value of money is the most critical factor. Cowin headphones also provide the NFC connection option

Turn on the NFC on your mobile device or any device with the NFC feature. This option is mainly given on Android devices. After turning the NFC on, put your mobile device close to any of the earcups. Put it that close like you are tapping it on the backside of your ear cup. It will pick up the connection, and the headphones’ light will turn blue. 

It might ask you to enter the passcode to enter 0000 for it. Now the mobile and headphones are connected using NFC. This feature is more convenient as compared to the simple Bluetooth feature.


  1. How long do Cowin headphones take to charge?

Cowin headphones have many models. Suppose we talk about the latest models like E7 or later models. They take 3 to 4 hours to be charged entirely. Their playback time is also very healthy. 

  1. Do Cowin headphones have a mic?

It depends on the models of Cowin headphones, but most of them come with mics and ANC features. Active noise canceling with good-quality microphones suits live gaming and calling experience. 

  1. Is Cowin a good brand?

Cowin is known for providing value for money. Its highest grossed and latest models are available easily under 90 USD. Cowin offers all the required features, such as ANC, fast charging, long battery backup, and a sturdy, beautiful design with comfortable earcups. 

  1. What is the battery life of Cowin E7 headphones? 

Cowin e7 headphones are one of the highest-sold headphones around the globe, especially on the internet. It has more than one variant. All of them can provide a playback time of 30 hours quickly.

  1. How do I reset my Cowin wireless headphones? 

You can reset your Cowin headphones by using its power button. Press and hold its power button for 15 seconds. Now delete it from your mobile device. Restart the headphones and connect them to a new device. 


Cowin headphones have made their name in the market by providing marvelous features. 

It offers a beautiful design, good playback time, and, more importantly, a healthy Bluetooth connection. Not just the Bluetooth connection but it also has an NFC installed for the connection. Cowin headphones can provide a range of 10 meters with a Bluetooth connection. It also has a beautiful LED lights system that gives us the connection status. 

Overall, the Cowin headphones can be connected to all Bluetooth devices gracefully. If you need help connecting, you must be missing a step. Follow our step-by-step guide for ease of connection. 

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