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Philips PH805 Vs. Sony WH-1000xm3: A Head-To-Head Comparison In 2024

Stereo headphones always stand out in the market as compared to other types. But sometimes, two good stereo products can confuse the buyer as well. 

The same is the case with Philips PH805 Vs. Sony WH-1000xm3. Both these headphones are stereo and offer noise-canceling features as well. If the Philips ph805 offers incredible features at a low price, then the Sony WH-1000xm3 has been reviewed as the best by all genres of music, including studio workers. So a head-to-head comparison between these two unique products will be a treat to read. 

Our article is focused on comparing the price, performance, sound, and everything about Philips ph805 and Sony WH-1000xm3. Read it till the end and decide which one suits you. 

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Side-by-Side Comparison Table:

Here is a short table displaying the primary features of the Philips ph805 and Sony WH-1000xm3.

FeaturesPhilips ph805Sony WH-1000xm3
Connection TypeBluetoothBluetooth
Battery Life30 Hours30 Hours
Charging Time2.5 Hours3 Hours
Detachable CableYesYes
Frequency Response7-40000 Hz4-40000 Hz
Sensitivity90 dB104.5 dB
Impedance16 Ohms16 Ohms
Latency Rate40 ms55 ms
Microphone8 Mics3 Mics
Noise CancelationYesYes
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Specification of Philips PH805 Vs. Sony WH-1000xm3:

A design is the most vital part of any headphone. It helps the headphones to be seen differently from others, as it is said that the first impression is the last. So let’s see what manufacturers have offered us in these two products. 

It comes in an over-ear headphones design. An over-ear headphone design is liked nowadays because it does not let our ears feel pain or tiredness. Philips ph805 is not just over-ear; we call it over-ear closed-back headphones. Its back has been closed completely to prevent any sound leakage. It comes in sleek black and gunmetal gray colors, making it more attractive.

Sony wh-1000xm3 has an over-ear design but is not closed back like Philips ph805. It might not be closed back, but it is specially designed to block out noises. Sony wh-1000xm3 always impresses us with its engineering. Its beautiful design with faux leather earcups was designed in Japan. It gives a classy look as compared to Philips ph805. 

A type of connection is the most talked about thing in the headphones market nowadays. Bluetooth connection and wired connections are always in competition to be the best. Both have pros and cons, but let’s check what manufacturers offer in these two designs. 

Philips ph805 is a Bluetooth headphone with a detachable audio cable. It has a 680 mAh Lithium Polymer battery designed to work in every weather condition. It comes with a 3.5 mm detachable audio cable which is added to be used in case of urgency. Suppose your battery ends during a trip, so you shouldn’t start cursing the Bluetooth technology. Use its detachable cable instead, and be thankful. 

It also comes with Bluetooth technology rather than a wired connection. Although it has added the detachable cable, you won’t need it with its incredible 1,108.11 mAh Lithium-ion battery. It will last more than many high-end headphones; you can call it the best. 

Now you might be wondering what technology of Bluetooth has been used in these models. Bluetooth headphones are dependent on their version. The latest version, the stronger the connection. The range also depends on the type of Bluetooth. 

Philips ph805 has won this feature battle because it comes with Bluetooth 5.0. Version 5.0 of Bluetooth technology is the headphones’ latest and most robust version. It will provide a range of 10 meters quickly. That means you won’t be disturbed by the distance between headphones and your mobile. 

Sony always comes with tough competition in every feature but not this time. It offers version 4.2 Bluetooth in this model, which is an old version. It can also provide a range of 10 meters, but its connection will be four times weaker than Bluetooth 5.0. Users are curious about the Bluetooth versions of these headphones of elite pricing. 

It comes to this point whenever a debate between wired and Bluetooth headphones is started. A battery backup of any headphones is the most crucial part of success. So let’s check what these models are offering us. 

When you read the specs of this model, you will feel this is the best. It comes with a great battery backup of 30 hours. You can listen to your favorite music for 30 hours of playback time, and when you want to recharge it, it will take only 2.5 hours to be charged entirely. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 comes with a massive battery compared to other relevant products. It provided a playback time of 30 hours with ease. The only thing that needs to be added is fast charging. While Philips ph805 takes only 2.5 hours to charge fully, it takes approximately 3 hours to complete charging. So this feature battle is also won by Philips ph805. 

Frequency response is a technical term used to determine the ability of headphones to convert signals into sound or to reproduce sound. The response is counted in hertz. It does not simply describe the sound quality; if you have a good idea about it, you can get the best type of headphones according to the music. 

It comes with a frequency range of 7 to 40000 Hz. Its high-frequency response indicates that it can play the high notes music wonderfully. These headphones can be a perfect choice if you listen to rock-style music. But there are better options in the market if we talk about bass expert frequency response. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 has added an excellent frequency response to this model. It comes with a frequency response of 4-40000 Hz. That means it can play the high notes perfectly, and we can also call it the bass expert headphones with its low-frequency range. So Sony wh-1000xm3 emerges as the winner in this feature endeavor. 

Do You Know?

The high-frequency response in the headphones indicates their skill to play the high notes of music. So higher the frequency response, the better the high notes sound. This rule does not apply to the low frequency. Low-frequency response means the ability to play bass-heavy music. So the lower the frequency response, the better the bass. 

The delay in the sound reaching us after starting its journey from an electric signal is called the latency rate. It is a meaningful way to measure the compactness of any headphones. The lower the latency, the better the sound experience, especially for gamers. 

40 to 60 ms or anything lower is a healthy latency rate. Philips ph805 comes with a 40 ms latency rate, making it the finest choice in the market to avoid any delay in the sound. Whatever sort of sound you are playing, it will be the most compact experience you ever had. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 comes for a competition on every feature, so it also came in Latency rate. Experts have recorded a latency rate of 52 ms in these headphones. It is slightly lower than the Philips ph805, but with its other features coming into play, you won’t regret using it. But if you are looking for perfect timing, the Philips ph805 is a good choice. 

Now we are looking at one of the most essential parts of any headphones, its weight. Music enthusiasts like to carry their headphones with them. Mainly Bluetooth headphones are used in outside activities like traveling and workout. So let’s see which one is best for us. 

It weighs around 235 grams which is a perfect weight. If you are looking for headphones with a compact design and lightweight experience to carry with you, then this model is made for you. It will be accessible to the ears, and no sign of pain for you will occur in the future. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 is heavier than Philips ph805, with 250g of weight. It is a bit heavier, but its weight is also admirable. Imagine wearing the classy look of headphones while traveling abroad and listening to one gem of music experience; that is what Sony wh-1000xm3 offers.

Here is one more critical factor of any headphones, its driver. If you are a regular headphone user, you must know its importance. It is responsible for reproducing the sound in audible shape after taking the electric signals. The better the size, the better the sound experience. Here is what these models are offering in this section. 

Philips ph805 has been launched to win the market for its majestic features. One of these features is the driver size. It comes with a 40 mm driver size, which is the best size for every type of headphone. Also, the headphone is the Neodymium technology, the latest in this field. So Philips ph805 is well established in the case of headphones drivers. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 has played a draw in these features. It also comes with a driver size of 40 mm and Neodymium technology. This technology of magnets is known for producing unparalleled energy and resistance. Not just this, it can also maintain its temperature even when it is most used. 

Impedance is mostly found crucial in studio headphones, but we cannot ignore its importance in commercial headphones. Impedance is the variety of energy the system provides to amplify the sound through the setup by fighting the resistance created by the system. So an intelligent range of impedance is required in every headphone. 

A high-impedance device is not required, especially in commercial headphones, as it can stretch the headphones. Focusing on its type, the Philips ph805 has 16 Ohms of impedance. 16 Ohms can be counted as the best impedance for commercial headphones in the market. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 comes with 16 ohms of impedance as well. You will not feel any resistance, distortion, or poor-quality sounds when using these headphones. It has been designed wonderfully to play the perfect sound with its impedance level. Sixteen ohms is too little and too high, producing an excellent sound. 

Do You Know?

A type of cable also plays a vital role in the working of headphones. Both these headphones are Bluetooth, but they also offer detachable cables. Philips ph805 offers a tangle-free cable which Sony wh-1000xm3 does not offer. A tangle-free cable is a flat cable that won’t be tangled even if you keep it in your pockets. 

The world is constantly changing, and so does the market for headphones. Any headphones without an active noise canceling feature are not considered good headphones nowadays. Let’s see what these two models are offering us in their domains. 

Philips ph805 has surprised the world with its incredible offerings in this model. It comes with active noise canceling as well. ANC will help you to focus on your without getting any sound from outside. Also, it is a stereo headphone with a closed-back over-ear design. It means the perfect headphone experience is waiting for you. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 never let us regret the decision to use it. It also has ANC features, and its faux leather earcups are specially designed to keep the outside sounds away. This headphone is also stereo, with both speakers put to work simultaneously. So there is a tie between these two models for the ANC feature. Rest assured, you will experience no sound leakage in both of them. 

Here is one more technical feature you must be aware of, sensitivity. Sensitivity refers to a headphone’s capacity to sense and reproduce sound even when the level is at its lowest. Sound pressure, often called sensitivity, determines how loud the headphones can be. Decibels are used to measure sensitivity. 

Philips ph805 has satisfied us with its features so far. The same goes for this feature, which has a fixed sensitivity of 90 dB. This rate is enough to detect the sound at both levels and keep your ears safe from harmful high notes. Experts are inspired by its ability to detect sound at both high and low levels. 

Sony wh-1000xm3 has a better sensitivity of 104.5 dB than Philips ph805. High sensitivity is unnecessary in most scenarios. 104.5 dB can play high sound better than 90 dB. That is why it is mainly preferred by studio users only. Commercial headphones are perfect with 90 dB sound pressure. 

Regardless of both headphones’ features, the price makes it a perfect product. The market might not welcome a product that is too expensive with many high-end features. Let’s see the market trends of both our headphones. 

Philips ph805 was launched at the end of 2019 as the finest mid-range ANC headphones. It can easily be purchased for around 80 USD, making it a first choice for every headphones lover nowadays. The market has welcomed this incredible product so far, and people still love it after 4 years. 

Sony is a brand already known for its premium but expensive products. This thing has also been proved in these Sony wh-1000xm3 headphones as it comes with a price range of more than 300 USD. You cannot buy it for anything less than 300 USD, making it a tricky purchase. On the other hand, the Philips ph805 has offered almost the same thing at a meager price. 

Is Philips ph805 Better Than Sony WH-1000xm3 for Phone Calls?

Both these headphones are headsets, as both of them come with microphones. Let’s see which one is better for the calling experience. 

Bluetooth headphones are not just loved for the excellent sound experience but also for a better calling experience. Philips ph805 comes with 8 microphones and a long battery backup in it. Multiple mics in the headphones are nothing less than a blessing. On the other hand, Sony wh-1000xm3 comes with just 3 microphones in it. Yes, its battery timing is also great, like the Philips ph805, but there is a vast difference between the performance of 8 mics and 3 mics. 

Philips ph805 is a better choice if you love calling using Bluetooth headphones. There will be no sound leakage with 8 mics; it will work for 30 hours. 

Is Philips ph805 Better than Sony WH-1000xm3 for Gaming?

Headphones are not just used for music and podcasts, but gamers are also in it very much. They like to have a healthy battery backup with low latency. 

Philips ph805 comes with a 30-hour playback time with fast charging in only 2.5 hours. Live Gaming needs no delay, so Philips ph805’s Latency rate of 40 ms is also perfect. On the other hand, the Sony WH-1000xm3 does not offer a latency rate as good as the Philips ph805. It can offer 52 ms only, which gamers might not love. Live Gaming also depends on the microphone abilities, which the Philips ph805 owns. 

So overall, we call Philips ph805 a better gaming choice than the Sony Wh-1000xm3. Sony wh-1000xm3 is also costly, and gamers don’t like expensive headphones. 


  1. Is the Philips ph805 worth it?

Philips ph805 will be the finest choice you will make in this budget. It is the epitome of features like ANC, 30 hours battery, 8 microphones, 40 ms latency, and much more. Its built quality and design are also classy, and these are studio headphones. These headphones are worth their price.

  1. What is the best alternative for Sony wh-1000xm3 WH-1000XM3?

Sony wh-1000xm3 has no match when talking about sound and built quality. The only thing that forces people to go for other products is the price. A good alternative for Sony wh-1000xm3 is the Philips ph805. It comes in a concise budget, and it offers the same features in it. Some of its features are even better than Sony wh-1000xm3. 

  1. Is the Sony wh-1000xm3 suitable for bass?

Sony wh-1000xm3’s sensitivity, frequency response, and impedance tell us the truth. It has 104.5 Db of sensitivity and a 4 Hz minimum frequency response. Both these figures make it a perfect bass-heavy headphone in the Bluetooth headphones market. 


The head-to-head comparison between these two marvelous products was a treat to watch. 

Image Product Details   Price
backpac PHILIPS PH805 Type: Over-ear
Connection: Wireless
Battery Life: 30Hrs
Check Price
backpac Sony WH1000XM3 Type: Over-ear
Connection: Wireless
Battery Life: 30Hrs
Check Price

It is tough competition between the Sony WH-1000xm3 and Philips ph805, but the Philips ph805 emerges as a winner if you are short on budget. Even if you are not short on budget, the price difference between these headphones is vast, so we will make Philips ph805 a winner as it comes in 80 to 90 USD only. On the other hand, the Sony wh-1000xm3 is too expensive, which we can get for 300-350 USD. 

If you are a brand lover, you can go with the Sony WH-1000xm3, but the Philips ph805 is the best choice even if you have good money. This huge price difference cannot be justified. 

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