Beats Studio 3 Vs. Beats Solo 3 -

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Beats Solo 3: Honest Comparison In 2024

If you’re looking for a solid pair of over ear headphones, you can’t go wrong with Beats.

Despite selling out to Apple in 2014, Dre is still a legend in the game and so it was obvious that when he created Beats, it would be high quality.

Two top notch headphones from the Beats family are the Beats Studio 3 and the Beats Solo 3.

In terms of style and functionality, they are both great devices. Yet there are also some key differences depending on what you’ll need them for most day to day.

This guide is all about helping you decide which of these pair of headphones is right for you. Let’s begin.

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Beats Solo 3 -

Beats Bluetooth headphones are popular throughout the world for a lot of reasons. The brand aims to offer some great choices to customers who wish to have a good-sounding yet stylish headset with excellent battery life. 

Here, we will talk about the two ‘apparently identical but different’ models by Beats: Studio 3 and Solo 3. If you are not able to decide which one of these is best suited for you, then read this post till the end to make a wise purchasing decision. 

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The Specification of Beats Studio 3 Vs. Beats Solo 3:

FeaturesBeats Studio 3Beats Solo 3
Office Work7.47
Music Lovers88
Phone Calls7.56

Have a look at some of the essential features both models entail and the comparison between the two.

One of the most significant differences between Solo 3 and Studio 3 is their design. However, both models are well-suited for any ear shape. 

Studio 3 headset completely wraps around the ear. It has an over-the-ear design that isolates the external noise much better, regardless of the ear shape. The design is curved and sleek with no harsh edges, whereas the headbands are adjustable. 

The earcups of Solo 3 are designed to rest on the ears. It is a standard on-the-ear headset which may not be the best choice for noise suppression. Moreover, metal is used in forming the structure of this model, making it durable and sturdy.

Both models have control buttons on them, which are near the Beats logo, where the logo works as a pairing button.

Moreover, their on-cup controls are blended seamlessly with the respective cups for convenience. 

Both models feature easily accessible and user-friendly music management and call and volume adjustment controls.

Studio 3 has an additional control that is used for the ANC feature. You can activate ANC on your device by clicking the power button two times. The control system of Studio 3 is almost the same as Solo 3. You need to press the button ‘b’ to control the functions, like connecting or disconnecting calls, voice assistant activation, volume adjustment, etc.

This model enables play/pause, answering/declining calls, increasing and decreasing volume, etc. The control panel is present on the left side of the headset. You can adjust or control certain features while pressing the ‘b’ button once, twice, or thrice. Whereas the upper part of b is there to increase the volume, and the lower part is to decrease it.

Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 are Apple-made headphones featuring a W1 processor. This chipset makes pairing easier, especially if you are an iPhone user.

Besides, Android users can also use both headsets through the traditional Bluetooth pairing process.

This audio equipment has stable and consistent connectivity strength. When the device gives a low battery signal, you can utilize the audio cables and switch to the wired mode to save power. Although Studio 3 works best for iPhones, they do a decent job with Android devices. 

The compatibility of Beat Solo 3 with a Bluetooth device is better than Studio 3. It features incredible wireless ranges if you pair it with an Apple device. So, it is convenient for you to move around the house or workplace while listening to your favorite music. 

When it comes to battery life, Solo 3 certainly wins the battle because of more playback hours.

Studio 3 has comparatively low battery timings. The playback of this model is 22 hours. However, you can increase the timing by disabling the ANC feature to 40 hours. In this model, you get 3 hours of playtime with 10 minutes of charging.

The sound leaking issue in Solo 3 is compensated by its fantastic battery performance. It offers over 40 hours of playback, which means you can use it for multiple days on a single charge. Moreover, the model offers 3 hours of playback after 5 minutes of charging. 

Active Noise Cancellation, or ANC, is present in both headphones, ensuring external noise suppression while listening to audio.

Studio 3 works better comparatively when it comes to noise isolation, all thanks to the in-built ANC technology. It aims to block external noise and reduce sound leakage. Hence, you can enjoy loud sounds anywhere without fearing disturbing the surrounding people. 

Solo 3 is a standard on-the-ear headset that may not be the best choice for noise suppression. It only allows passive noise isolation due to its closed-back design. However, you can avoid external noise distractions by increasing the volume, but you may face sound leaking issues at times. 

Both audio devices offer an average-quality call recording.

The integrated mic of Studio 3 has an average recording quality so the voice may sound thin. If you are taking calls through this headset in a moderately noisy space, the person on the other line may need help hearing you. However, Studio 3 features an ANC system that blocks external noise when you are on a phone call.

The integrated mic of this model has a mediocre recording quality, making your voice look slightly thin and muffled but more on the natural side. For a better experience, you will have to take calls in a quieter environment because Solo 3 may not separate your voice from external noise. However, this headset struggles to decrease surrounding noise, so it will be harder for you to hear the person on the other line.  

Many of you might be interested in buying a headset for gaming purposes. Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 are not recommended for wireless gaming. 

Its performance is satisfying when it comes to wired gaming. Studio 3 is comfortable for long gaming sessions due to padded ear cups and lightweight frame. Its sound profile is inclined towards brass, so it is easier to hear effects like footsteps, especially in FPS games. The microphone of Studio 3 only works on PlayStation consoles and PC. On the other hand, Xbox users can only get the audio. 

This model can be connected to a Bluetooth-enabled PC but is not compatible with PlayStation or Xbox. Note that Solo 3 is Bluetooth-enabled equipment that you can use with a wired connection. However, the TRS cable is not included with this one.

We use Bluetooth headphones for multiple purposes, but one thing is for sure, we use them for a long time while doing multiple other tasks. At this point, the weight of the headphones becomes an essential matter. 

Although Beats Solo 3 is a tough competitor, you must do more than keep Beats Studio 3 out of the contest. Regarding the device’s weight, Studio 3 weighs around 9.17 Oz. It is a bit heavy compared to the Solo 3, but this weight is king to the other competitors in the market. Also, with its battery backup of 22 hours, this weight becomes an ideal stat. 

The battle between Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 has been tough so far, but now it will tell you the clear winner according to your needs. While talking about the device’s weight, Beats Solo 3 weighs around 7.5 Oz. Its style of ear cups and its weight make it a perfect choice for long-term use. We can see how lightweight and compact Beats Solo 3 is. Its 40 hours of battery backup becomes of more use with this weight. 

Talking about any audio device, including headphones, latency rate becomes an integral part of it. The latency of headphones describes the best compatible area of use for the headphones. Whether a headphone is good for gaming or music is decided by latency rate.

Beats Studio 3 is always a tough competition to Beats Solo 3. Even in some specs, it can beat the Solo 3 by a considerable margin. But in the latency rate, the story is different. Beats Studio 3 does not have latency as low as Beats Solo 3. That is why it is not suggested for high-end live gaming on Xbox and Playstations. For the music and movies on android, Ios, and desktops, its latency rate is as healthy as one should be.

Beats Solo 3 is one of the finest launched devices by the manufacturer. It is so well balanced that we can use it for every purpose. Beats Solo 3 has a low latency rate of 36 ms with IOS. If we talk about PC gaming, its latency rate is only 185 ms. Both of these low latency rates ensure its operational capability in every field. 

Whenever you are working on any audio device, you must have heard its features described in decibels, dB. This unit describes the sound quality by mixing intensity and other physical measurements. Let’s have a look at the dB rating of our headphones. 

Studio 3 is made not just for music but for other professional purposes. That might be the reason it is not focused on too loud a sound. If we hear the Beats Studio 3 at the loudest possible, its intensity will be recorded as 105 dB maximum. So intensity, loudness, and other physical measurements have been recorded in favor of Beats Solo 3.

Solo 3 is made to rule the music industry. That is why it comes with massive loudness in its speakers. If we hear the loudest music on Solo 3, it will give an intensity of 115 dB, which is the finest or the most alarming. 

We are not talking about the dimensions here but the exact size of the speaker from which the sounds come out. The size of the speaker is a must-know thing before buying any headphones. 

Studio 3 is made not just for music but for other professional purposes. That might be the reason it is not focused on too loud a sound. If we hear the Beats Studio 3 at the loudest possible, its intensity will be recorded as 105 dB maximum. So intensity, loudness, and other physical measurements have been recorded in favor of Beats Solo 3.

Beats Solo 3 are must-win headphones in case of a music competition. They come with a speaker size of 40 mm, which is perfect for any music. You will get addicted to its pure class if you use it once. 

A side-by-side comparison of these devices is provided here for your better understanding. 

Side-by-side Comparison:

Here is a short table displaying the primary features of Beats Studio 3 and Beats Solo 3.

Headset Model Beats Studio 3Beats Solo 3
DesignOver-ear setOn-ear set
Audio ChipApple H1Apple H1
Weight9.17 Oz7.5 Oz
Microphone YesYes
Active Noise Cancellation Yes No
BluetoothYes Yes 
Battery Life22 hours with ANC and over 40 hours otherwise. +40 hours 
Warranty 1 year1 year
ChargeQuick charge – 1.5 hoursQuick charge – 2 hours
Playback Time3 hours with 10 minutes charging 3 hours with 5 minutes charging
Available ColorsMatte Black, Midnight Black, White, Black-red, Shadow Gray, BlueMatte Black, Rose Gold, Gloss Black, Gold, Citrus Red, Gloss White, Silver, Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Edition
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


  1. Does Beats Solo 3 have bass?

Beats Solo 3 is reviewed as music headphones by music lovers. These headphones are known for producing a neutral sound. We cannot call it just bass headphones; additionally, its mobile application only allows a little sound customization. Yes, if you play a rock bass sound on these headphones, you will not regret your decision. 

  1. Are Beats Solo 3 waterproof?

Beats Solo 3 is many things, but waterproof is not one of them. Neither are they waterproof nor sweatproof; You are suggested to keep Beats Solo 3 dry for the ultimate music experience. Water or moisture in the headphones can lead to some unwanted results. 

  1. Do Beats Studio 3 sound better than Solo 3?

Beats Solo 3 has quickly made a big name in the market, but Beats Studio is the underdog. It sounds very precious if compared with Beats Solo 3. Also, its better ear grip with better size and ANC feature make it a preferred choice for many. 

  1. What is the difference between Beats Solo and Studio?

Beats Solo 3 and Studio 3 have many differences, and battery backup is one of them. Solo 3 has a battery time of 40 hours, and Studio 3 comes with 22 hours. Studio 3 has a better ear grip with a big size as compared to Solo 3. 

  1. Does Solo 3 have noise cancellation?

Auto noise cancellation, or ANC, is one of the latest features introduced by the manufacturers of the headphones. It allows us to have a convenient user experience. Unfortunately, Solo 3 does not come with an ANC feature, which gives Studio 3 an edge. 

Let’s Wrap up the Comparison:

Beats Solo 3 or Beats Studio 3, we are clear on one thing: Beats have won the market with these masterpieces. 

There is little difference between these two devices in terms of how they work. However, we can mention some differences, such as battery timing. A battery backup is a vast difference between Solo 3 and Studio 3. Besides the battery, the low latency rate also gives a slight edge to the Beats Solo 3. The size, quality, and speaker performance of both these devices are almost a tie. 

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