Do Headphones Dent Your Head -

Do Headphones Dent Your Head?

Do you work in a call center, love music, play live games or spend long hours watching movies with headphones?

If yes, you must have experienced pressure on your hair or skin due to tight headphones. 

This triggered a question in your head: do headphones dent your head? Well. It depends on your skull cut and using an uncomfortable headset. If your headphones are bent tight, they can feel slight pain with a small dent.

Do Headphones Dent Your Head -

The dent on the head depends on different things. We have done a thorough experiment on different types of skin and hair with different sizes of headsets to get the answer. The shocking answer will take you by surprise as well. 

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Head dent or just a suspicion:

Many people who have used headphones for a long time have reported a proper dent on the upper side of the head. Some call it a dent in the skull, but it is invalid. Our skull is a bone that cannot be damaged with just extra usage of headphones. So, one thing is clear; headphones don’t cause a dent in the skull. 

Now the question in the middle is, what is this sign of pressure on our head? This question requires a detailed answer, and we are here with the list of possibilities. Keep reading to guess what exactly is the reason for a press sign on your head, if not a dent. 

Pressed-In hairs:

Everyone in this era wishes to have thick hair to try different hairstyles. When you use headphones regularly for long times, you can sense the pressing of your thick hairs at a certain point.

This is not a dent in the head; it is merely a flattening of the hairs at the point where a band of headphones was placed tightly for a long time. Many confuse it with a dent in the skull, but the hairs can return to their original shape in just a few minutes. 

This dent also depends on the type of hair. Some people have thick hair that is not silky. Thick hairs usually don’t get pressed, but once they are disturbed due to the pressure of headphones, they can take more time to recover to their original shape than silky hairs. 

Marks on the skin:

Some people like to have a daring look with a bald head. When they use tight headphones with metal bands for a long time, their head suffers a noticeable dent. They need clarification. 

It might be in the skull, but it is not. This dent is in the skin, or we can call it a sign on the skin, due to the extra usage of tight headphones. Extra-tight headphones can also leave a mark on the skin, even with thick hair. 

One can try different home remedies to remove this mark and put the skin back in its position. Primarily things don’t get sworn, and the mark on skins gets treated naturally. The tissues and skin will not take much time to return to their position. 

Diseases & Conditions:

Other than the above mentioned circumstances, there can be some conditions that have damaged your skull directly. These medical conditions have nothing to do with your headphone usage. 

Many diseases can cause a dent in your head, which needs to be taken seriously. Some of them occur with age, and some of them come with other medical conditions. If you are facing a dent in your head, you might suffer from one of them. Here is the list of all the diseases with details. 

  1. Paget bone disease:

Headphones can never cause a dent because our skull is made of the finest bone that can only be damaged with a considerable load. Some medical conditions come with the passing of an age. 

Paget’s disease of bone is one of these conditions. It is found mainly in people over 50 years of age. We cannot commend the reason behind this medical condition. Studies suggest that it occurs due to damage in the bone recycling system that starts making extra-large bone in the head. 

  1. Cancer:

One of the deadliest diseases in the world is cancer, and bone cancer is among the deadliest. Bone cancer can lead to an undesirable state of health. In all of the diseases to the bones, bone cancer is the least possible. 

Although it can be deadly, a dent in the head can be caused by bone cancer. Same like other diseases, it destroys the sense of the skull to understand the requirement of newly formed bones. Unwanted bones will lead to immense damage to tissues. If you face a dent in your skull, you better do the testing. 

  1. Trauma:

Many unfortunate things happen in our life, sometimes, we suffer a deadly accident, but we don’t get any injuries. Everyone should go to the proper medical checkup after every accident. If we miss out on a significant head injury, it can be fatal in the future. Many people with accidents get to know after many years; they face trauma. A dent in the head is one of the symbols for this medical condition. 

  1. Gorham’s:

Dents in the head can be of many kinds, and Gorham’s disease is one of them. Doctors also call it a phantom bone disease. An essential part of the skull bone goes missing in this medical condition.

 This results in an apparent dent in our heads. This bone loss can lead to the unwanted development of natural tissues in the skull. Gorham’s disease is sporadic in the world, but if you think there is something else behind the dent in the head, you should consult a doctor at once. 

How to prevent a dent in the head?

Do headphones dent your head? No, not at all. Headphones cannot cause any damage to the skull bone. Sometimes its over-use causes hair thing or marks on the skin. Both of these may look like a dent in the head. 

These result from the different use of headphones, yet no one wants to get rid of headphones. As we love headphones so much, we must try some home remedies to prevent the headphones from denting your head.

Cushioning the band:

Headphones are used with different types of built structures. One thing is common in all of them. It is the strap/band that goes over the top of the head. To make headphones robust, some manufacturers build headbands with hardcore material. 

This type of headset will cause you damage. It would be best if you got headphones with an extra cushioned headband. In another case, you can put a cushion on the headband. It will prevent you from denting your head in every scenario. 

Undoing the headset:

People who use headphones for short intervals never face issues like denting on the head. It is always faced by someone who uses tight headphones regularly for a long time. It can be a call center agent, customer care representative or music/movie lover. 

For people who use headphones regularly, avoiding a dent in the head is straightforward. All they need to do is change the routine by losing the same headphones. No tight headphones means no dent. 

Change of position:

One more trick can prevent you from denting your head if you use the headphone for long shifts. You can change the place of setting the headphones. Rather than putting the headband at the upper side of the head, push it towards the back a bit. Headphones from the back of the head can give no pain or damage whatsoever to the skull. 


Fields like a call center or the music industry have mandatory use of headphones. This remedy is not for them. 

If you are a music lover who likes to do all these tasks while listening to music, you can try earphones instead. Bluetooth hands-free can be an excellent replacement for headphones. If you are worried about sound quality, air pods and air dots have jumped into the market to improve your music lifestyle. 

Upgrade to new versions:

This home remedy’s best and easiest part is upgrading your headphones. If you think your headphones are causing you a dent in your head. It’s better to buy a new headset with better cushioning and padding. 

Padding and cushioning with flexible material play a pivotal role in any headphones. If you use headphones most of the time, spend some good time deciding the right one for yourself. 


  1. How long does it take to get a headset dent?

If you are using a tight headset, it will take a few hours to show a mark or dent on your head. If your headphone is applying a lot of pressure on the skull, it can also cause a decreased flow of blood. Your headset needs to be perfectly sized and cushioned to avoid head dent. 

  1. Can headset dents be permanent?

It depends on what sort of dents you are talking about. As mentioned earlier, a head dent is not precisely a dent in the skull. It is just a pressure on hairs or skin that can show you a crease in your head. These dents are never permanent; they will take a few hours to recover naturally. 

  1. Are dents in the skull typical?

If you are talking about the shape of the skull, yes, it is natural for everyone to have different dents on the skull. But if your skull has shown something fresh as a dent, it can be a harmful medical condition. One should use time in contacting the physician for the consultation.

Wrapping the topic:

Do headphones dent your head? The answer has been given in a clear no. Our head skull is made of hardcore bones that require 150+ kg weight to be broken or damaged.

So, a lightweight device like headphones cannot cause a dent in the head.

Looking at the dent deeply, you’ll understand whether it is a mark on the skin/hair or a medical condition. 

Medical conditions need to be treated urgently by the doctor, while other things can be dealt with home remedies. 

Rubbing the head gently can also be helpful to decrease the dent and relax you from depression. 

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