Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof -

Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof?

Do you wish to buy Beats Studio 3 headphones and are not sure if the equipment is waterproof or not? 

Have you purchased Studio 3 already and wondering if they are suitable to be used while working out?

This post is created to answer all your questions in detail are beats studio 3 waterproof or not?

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Bad News: Are Beats Studio 3 Waterproof? The answer is no.

Yes, you read that right. Studio 3 by Beats are not waterproof, but it is not just a Beat thing. A majority of high-end headphone brands don’t have this quality either. 

It doesn’t really mean that a little splash of rain or a spill of water will make your audio equipment stop working immediately. 

Unfortunately, the moisture damage of the Studio 3 headset is not covered by the Brands warranty, and it has an IPX rating. 

Hence, letting your headphones get wet can turn into a mistake – a really expensive one!

Can Studio 3 Resist Sweat?

The one-word answer to this question is ‘No’. Beats Studio 3 is not sweat-resistant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them while working out. 

Adding a moisture-resistant cover can protect your headphones against sweat, moisture damage and makeup stains as well. Moreover, these covers protect the internal component of the headset, making them look and smell fresh. 

Just make sure to invest in the covers with washable fabric for longer use. Hence, no more leaving your Studio 3 headphones in the gym locker or at home due to the fear of wrecking them. 

Waterproof vs Water Resistant vs Sweat Resistant:

  • Waterproof : 

Waterproof headphones are designed to be fully submersible in water. They come with an IPX rating and are made of materials that protect the internal components from liquid damage.

  • Water Resistant:

Water-resistant headphones, on the other hand, offer some level of protection against sweat and mild splash. However, they are not designed to be fully submersible in water. 

  • Sweat Resistant: 

Sweat-resistant headphones are specifically designed for athletes and gym trainers who wish to use their headphones while working out without the fear of moisture damage. These headsets come with sweat-blocking technology that keeps your sound equipment safe from sweat and other liquids.

Sadly, as per apple, Beats headphones are not sweatproof –  but for you wearing them for a workout might not be the ideal scenario.

Beats Got Wet: What Happens Next?

Well, you should not expect something good after this.

 Moisture can result in the peeling and cracking of cushions. Initially, you will see small patches of rubbed-off fake leather and it can turn into full-blown peeling. Consequently, your headset won’t just look ugly but you will not be feeling comfortable wearing them either.

Besides, expect an unpleasant smell after this as well. Considering that Beats Studio 3 is an expensive audio equipment; don’t let a hefty amount get wasted. 

When your Beats headphones get wet, the short answer is to avoid using them. 

Water and electronics don’t mix well, so if your Beats headphones come into contact with water or any other liquid, it’s best to stop using them immediately and turn them off completely. 

If you don’t take proper care of your Beats headphones after they’ve been exposed to water, you could end up with permanent damage or even total device failure.

To prevent further damage, it’s important to dry your Beats headphones as soon as possible. 

Do not try to use a hair dryer, oven, microwave, or any other type of artificial heat source to dry them faster. This can cause the internal components of the headphones to overheat, potentially leading to permanent damage.

The best option is to let your Beats headphones air dry in a warm environment that is free of dust and dirt. 

If you have access to a compressed air canister, it may be helpful for removing any moisture from small or hard-to-reach areas. 

After your headphones are dry, you should test them out to make sure that they’re working properly and that no further damage occurred.

If your Beats headphones become submerged in water for an extended period of time or if there are visible signs of damage due to liquid exposure, it’s best to contact the Apple customer service department for advice.

In some cases, the manufacturer may be able to repair or replace your Beats headphones for a fee.

Overall, it’s important to remember that water and electronics don’t mix, so if you encounter wet conditions with your Beats headphones, it’s best to take extra caution and avoid using them until they’re completely dry.

How To Prevent Damage If Your Earphones Get Wet?

Here are a few things you should do to prevent damage:

1. Never Charge Your Studio 3 When It Is Still Wet:

 If your earphones get wet, make sure to unplug them from the charging cable or port before they dry. Otherwise, charging a wet headphone set may cause damage to the internal wiring or other components.

2. Dry Your Earphones with a Soft Cloth: 

 After taking off your earphones, you should carefully wipe off any water with a soft, dry cloth. If possible, you should let the earphones dry out naturally in an open space, rather than using any kind of direct heat like a hairdryer or an oven.

3. Clean Your Earphones with Isopropyl Alcohol:  

Once your earphones are completely dry, you can use isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the earpieces, wires, and jack. Make sure to use a lint-free cloth or cotton swab that is dampened with alcohol for this process. 

4. Store Your Earphones Properly: 

When not in use, make sure your earphones are stored in a safe place away from any kind of water. If your earphones are exposed to water when not in use, the chances of damage increase significantly.

5. Keep Your Earphones Covered When Not In Use:  

It is also a good idea to keep your earphones covered when not in use as this will protect them from dust, dirt and other debris. You can find some specially made covers for your earphones that will provide extra protection against water. 

By following these steps, you can ensure that your earphones remain in good condition and last a long time despite accidental water exposure. Taking the necessary precautions will also save you from incurring unnecessary repair costs.

Tips To Keep Beats Studio 3 Dry:

  • It is important to store your headset in a dry place when you are not using it.
  • Invest in a cover or hard case for your equipment to increase its lifespan. 
  • Use a waterproof cover for better results.
  • Don’t put your headset in an enclosed place right after using them. Let it air dry first. 


Beats Studio 3 is not waterproof or sweatproof, but that doesn’t make it any less good. All you are required to do is; keep it dry, store it properly after usage and prevent direct contact with water.

A few raindrops or some hours of regular sweat should not damage your device. However, if you don’t care for it properly, then your investment will do a waste.

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