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If you’re aything like me, and you use your favorite headphones day in and day out, you’ve likely ran into the problem of havng your headphone power button getting stuck. For me, this happens after running and sweating a lot (sorry not sorry for the graphic details).

For you, it might be spilling soda or wine on the headphones or a million other things. In day to day life, unless you’re obsessive about keeping them clean, your headphones are bound to get the button stuck due to these issues or general wear and tear.

Headphones Power Button Stuck - headphonetic.com

 When we repeatedly use the headphone’s power button, it can get stuck. It gets stuck for multiple reasons and remains the most annoying for audiophiles. Sometimes, it keeps working even when stuck, but it will usually stop working. Mainly this issue is caused by cheap headphones, but some big brands can also face it. 

We will discuss the reasons and solutions for the stuck headphones’ power button in detail. 

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Why is the Headphones Power Button Stuck?

The Headphones power button is stuck due to different reasons. Debris build-up, hard button pressing, and poor quality are the leading reasons behind this issue. It also depends on our practice of using the power button of headphones. Here are all the reasons that can lead to this annoying situation. 

We use headphones regularly but don’t focus on keeping the headphones hygienic. It can lead to the jamming of the power button. 

Our routine practice is directly linked to the power button issue. These buttons are made of high quality, but they are susceptible. If we do not store them cleanly, some particles might go into the button and jam its retraction system. If you place your headphones in your bag with many other things, stop doing it. 

More than 30% of stuck power buttons are jammed, and we can prevent it by simply following the care tips. 

Bluetooth headphones are launched with the power button used to turn on/off the headphones when required. 

The quality of the button is always taken care of because the power button is the most used on Bluetooth headphones. It comes with a retraction system in its back. A retraction system means it has a spring-type mechanism that pushes the button back when used. If your retraction system gets broken or, in easy words, the spring is damaged, it will stop working and will get stuck

The headphones’ power button gets stuck with a broken spring when we press it with extra force. Just push the button gently whenever you use it.

One of the leading causes behind a stuck power button is the build-up of dirt and debris. 

When we use headphones on different occasions, like traveling, working out, and walking, we attract a lot of dirt. We are not used to keeping the headphones clean after every use, so debris build-up can clog the button. To check, try to put some torch light on the sides of the power button, and you will see a lot of dirt. 

This debris is causing the button to be stuck. You can avoid it by storing it in a clean place and cleaning it regularly. 

The retraction system of the Bluetooth headphones is made with a superior-quality power button. These parts support each other to stay intact for a long time

If your headphone’s power button is stuck, it might be broken from the inside. The inner shell of the power button can be broken when we force it too much to turn on the headphones

Also, it can break due to a fall as well. And most importantly, storing them in the bag with other hard things can keep pushing them with force. It can lead to a broken button as well. 

This scenario occurs least in the list, but we must use our headphone’s power button properly to avoid it. 

Do You Know?

Headphones are generally made of stiff plastic with a PVC layer. Plastic is added to make it ready for rigorous use, and PVC layers give the flexibility that allows the headphones’ buttons to function smoothly.

6 Ways To Fix Your Headphones’ Power Button When It’s Stuck

People who have bought cheap headphones can easily replace them. But if you have purchased the expensive ones, you must be looking for a solution. 

We can try different hacks at home. These methods mainly don’t require any tools but some household items. We are going to list the different ways for your convenience. Follow the instructions, and your headphones will be perfect once again. 

The retraction system of the power button has a liquid inserted in it for smooth working. If it gets jammed, we can insert the liquid once again. 

A narrow space is provided at the sides of the power button. Use this space and insert the alcohol into it. You can insert the alcohol using the syringe. Once the lubricant goes in, pull it out immediately by turning the headphones upside down. After inserting the alcohol, try to push the button three to four times. It will start working once the alcohol reaches its place. 

6 Ways To Fix Headphones Power Button Stuck - 1. Use Alcohol - Headphonetic.com

We should be careful with the amount of alcohol. If we put extra alcohol into the system, it can be harmful to the internal organs of headphones. 

The headphone’s power button is stuck for different reasons, and choking the retraction system is one of them. 

We can use a paper pin if our spring is jammed and we cannot push the button back. If you look at the headphones thoroughly, a small hole is given with the power button. This hole is available in most headphones but not in all of them. Take the paper pin and insert it in that tiny hole. Push the paper pin in unless you hear the ticking sound. This ticking sound signals that the jammed spring has been pushed back into its place. 

Now use the power button gently, and don’t try to force it if it’s not working correctly. 

Headphone lovers who have just jumped into the field are unaware that some brands offer their headphones with covers. 

OnePlus is one of the brands that has introduced headphones with StyleSwap covers. These covers are made of different materials, such as Denim and Bamboo. They are so well installed that a new user will not even know the headphones have a cover. Sometimes, your button can get stuck on these covers

Remove the style swap covers, and the original button will come out. It will be working correctly. 

When the button is stuck due to the build-up of debris alongside the button, we can deal with it by using compressed air. 

First, use a soft cloth to clean the debris alongside the button. If the cloth is not working, get a brush. Now remove the debris through the brush, but don’t be too harsh with the brush. Being too harsh with the brush on the button can damage the power button. You can also use compressed air to remove the debris. Hold the headphones upside down and turn them off. Spray the compressed air around the button, avoiding getting it inside the electronic parts of the headphones.

These methods are too handy to deal with this situation. You can remove the debris, and the button will work properly. 

The retraction system of the power button can also be dealt with simply by prying it out. 

Buttons become stuck mainly as a result of a faulty retraction operation. It might indicate that the spring or the metal clip that will return the button to its original position is stuck or broken. If it’s stuck, pull it out carefully, not harming any other components in the process. If it fails, you may need to replace the switch since the springs or clips might be challenging to adjust.

So be careful while pulling it out, as it is the only solution to your headphone’s power button. 

If any DIY hacks are not working, you can try to replace the button. 

Replacing the button is a technical job. You can do it at home and get it replaced by a repair shop. First of all, you need to purchase a new button from the market. It requires effort to find the exact same-sized button. After that, use the screwdriver to open the headphones and replace the button. 

If you cannot do it, go to the repair shop for the headphones and get it done. 


  1. Can Headphones Be Repaired?

Headphones consist of multiple small-sized parts placed inside. It can be repaired but by the highly professional only. We cannot repair it at home. Taking your headphones to the official store for repairing purposes is suggested, as local repair shops may ruin them further. 

  1. Can water damage the power button?

Water cannot just damage the power button. It can damage the whole system. The inner part of the headphones is very sensitive. If a drop of water reaches the inner part, it can damage anything, including the power button. 

  1. Can the power button be repaired?

The power button cannot be repaired. If it is stuck, you can use DIY methods to let it run again. But if the power button is damaged, it can only be replaced. There is no option to repair a button of this size. 

  1. What to do if the headphone’s power button is stuck?

The power button of the headphones is stuck mainly due to the debris and dirt alongside it. Use the brush, soft cloth, or compressed air carefully to remove the debris. Our blog has listed other ways to deal with it if it does not work. Follow the instructions. 

  1. Do I Need To Replace My Headphones?

We know how much a music enthusiast loves his headphones. Especially if the headphones are expensive, you cannot just replace them because of a button. Here is what to do. 

Most Bluetooth headphones offer a detachable cable with the headphones. When we purchase new headphones, we put the detachable cable away. Now is the time to use that detachable cable. It works as an AUX cable, and you can plug one side into the headphones and the other into the mobile jack. 

In this manner, you will also be able to use the headphones without the power button, and most importantly, you don’t need to change your headphones anymore. 


When our headphone’s power button is stuck, we feel very irritated. Before dealing with this situation, it is necessary to diagnose the problem. 

In conclusion, a Headphones Power Button Stuck can be frustrating, but it is a common problem that can be fixed easily. The key is to identify the cause of the problem and use the proper technique to fix it. 

If the above steps do not work, seek professional help to get your headphones back in order.

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