How To Straighten Headphone Cables -

How To Straighten Headphone Cables | Let’s Discuss In 2024

We’ve all been in situations where our headphone cables get tangled and twisted, causing frustration and disrupting our listening experience. 

How To Straighten Headphone Cables -

This article will explain all the techniques and tips to help you how to straighten headphone cables in no time.

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Why Do Headphones Cable Get Strangled?

Headphone cables can become tangled or “strangled” due to several reasons:

  • Twisting: Improperly storing or carrying headphones can cause the cable to twist and knot around itself, resulting in frustrating tangles. This is often when the cable is carelessly wrapped or entangled with other objects in a bag or pocket.
  • Too Much Length: Because there is more length to manage, longer wires are more likely to tangle. The likelihood of tangling increases as the cable gets longer since it has more opportunities to twist and loop around itself.
  • Material immobility: The type of material used for a cable can affect how likely it is to become tangled. More flexible cables tend to tangle less, whereas stiffer ones are more susceptible to tangling.
  • Poor Cable Management: This can lead to tangled headphones. This can happen if headphones are not stored correctly, such as being coiled loosely or without cable management tools. Throwing them carelessly into a bag or pocket also increases the risk of cable entanglement.

5 Easiest Ways How To Straighten Headphone Cables:

The best way to deal with tangled cables is by using gravitational force. This is a pure DIY method, as it can be done at home. 

  • Step 1: Hang your headphones on any hanger or stand in a manner that its cable is hung freely in the air toward the downside or, you can say, toward the earth.
  • Step 2: Tie a thing with a weight that can keep the cord pulled. The object should not be extra heavy as it can damage the cable. Tie the object at the plug end of the cable using any tape and leave it hanging in the air for 24 hours at least. 

After 24 hours, you will see that the gravitational force has cleared the tangles, and the cord is perfectly straight. 

If your headphones cable is too messy, you can untangle it without using any tool or just your fingertips

  1. Hold the cable with your fingertips and apply slight pressure while running your fingers across it to straighten it. 
  2. Start from one end and work your way to the other, repeating the process 3 to 5 times. Use only enough force to straighten the cable, not too much. 

Straightening the cable using the fingers is the easiest way to deal with tangled cables. You can repeat this process after a few days to avoid tangled wires in the future. 

Do You Know?

Headphone cables are made of different materials such as gold, silver, and copper. These cables have a special coating on the upper side to ensure they last longer. Among all the materials used, copper is considered the most superior.

Sometimes, the cables become so messy that your simple DIY method can’t help to straighten them. Heat treatment becomes essential in this scenario. 

  1. First, grab a hairdryer and set it to a low-heat setting
  2. Next, use the hairdryer to warm up the affected area of the cable. 
  3. Straighten it out by hand as it warms up carefully. However, be sure to take your time and be gentle, as you don’t want to cause any further damage to the cable. With patience and care, you can fix that bent cable quickly!

It’s also essential to avoid high heat, as this could potentially harm the cable, especially the low-quality cable. 

To perform this task, you only need a flat surface and a slightly weighted object

  1. Put your headphones on the floor or any other flat surface. A table or marble floor is an excellent example of the floor you need for this task
  2. Now straighten your headphones cable and put it on the floor. 
  3. Put the weighted object on the plug side of the cord. 
  4. Keep your headphones cord like this for at least 48 hours

Your headphones cord will be straightened, and you won’t feel irritated. 

DIY methods are the best way to solve many technical failures that can irritate us daily. We have discovered a simple method to straighten your headphones cable without using any additional items. 

  1. Hold the cable from the plug end and hang the headphones upside down. The cable will naturally rotate back into its proper shape.
  2. Please be patient and allow the cable to return to its original form and stop immediately once it has.

Achieving this headphone hack is possible primarily when the cables are tightly strangled.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Tangled Cable:

Our headphones cable becomes messier when we don’t take an interest in keeping them straightened. Here we will discuss the preventive steps you can follow in your daily routine, and they will prevent the headphones cable from tangling in any scenario. 

The first and foremost thing to add to your life is the traveling headphone case. Most of the expensive headphones nowadays come with a case already. If the manufacturer does not offer you a case with the product, then you can order yours online easily. You can keep the headphones in this traveling case during travel or even on regular days. It will prevent the cable from being tangled.

The primary factor that causes the tangled wire is poor cable management. We need to keep our headphones with due care. We need to purchase a headphones stand to get rid of this habit. You can order a headphones stand online for you. Hang your headphones on this stand so that the cable is free of knots all the time

Velcro straps are often included with new headphones, but their purpose may need clarification. However, they can be a helpful solution to prevent tangled cables. These straps can be reused multiple times and applied to any cable part. Roll them on any part of the cable to prevent the cable from being tangled. If your headphones do not come with them, they can easily be purchased online at an affordable price.

Don’t wait for another second!

You must be reading this article after your headphones cable has become so messy that you can’t even straighten them up. It would not have reached this position if you had cared for it the first time when it was tangled. Whenever your headphones cable tangles, you should untangle it immediately. 

Multiple products in the market deal with the issue of headphones’ tangled cables. Out of all of these products, cable yoyo is the best. It’s like a round shape magnetic product allowing you to roll the complete cable around it. It will keep the cable straight and untangled.


  1. How do you straighten audio cables?

Straightening the headphone cables can be done using different DIY methods. We have listed the five best ways to straighten headphones cable, with the gravity method being the most useful. Put your headphones on a hanger or a stand and leave its cable freely in the air; then, tie a slightly weighted item at its plug end and leave it for 24 hours. 

  1. Why do headphone wires get stiff?

The insulation coat on headphone wires can stiffen quickly if you have oily skin, while it will remain pliable if you have dry skin. Our skin type determines the wire’s stiffness and how often we use the headphones.

  1. Is it bad to wrap headphone wires?

Wrapping cables around headphones or other objects is not recommended as it can cause stress on the cable and headphones. This can lead to the cable becoming stiff and potentially faulty, as the stress can affect both ends of the cable.

  1. Do headphones sound better with wire?

While wireless headphones have improved in recent years, wired headphones technology is still considered superior. This is because wired headphones use analog processing, which allows signals to reach the driver more efficiently. In contrast, wireless technology requires signal conversion and multiple processes, resulting in poorer sound quality.


Tangled and twisted headphone cables should be a manageable source of frustration. 

Following the tips, you can easily untangle and straighten your cables, ensuring a hassle-free listening experience. Remember to take preventative measures, be patient while untangling, and use stretching, gravity, and heat treatment to straighten your cables effectively.

With a little effort and care, you can become a pro at straightening your cables and say goodbye to tangled wires forever. Enjoy your music!

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