How To Fix Headphone Leather Peeling -

4 Proven Ways To Fix Headphone Leather Peeling In 2024

Buying expensive headphones and then watching their cushions peel before your eyes is the most annoying and helpless feeling in the world. 

Even though it’s likely due to normal wear and tear, or even water damage, you never think it’s going to happen to you. I know that my immediate reaction when my previous headphones have started to peel, is anger.

Specifically, anger at the manufacturer, and at late stage capitalism for planned obsolescence. But that’s a post for another day.

How To Fix Headphone Leather Peeling -

The truth is, if you’re like me, you probably buy headphones without having prior knowledge of their material quality. You might consider factors like color, style, price, and even technology, but the material itself plays the most significant role in their potential peelability.

If you’re fed up and/or confused with headphone leather peeling and flaking, here’s a look at the specific details, fixes, and preventions of headphone leather peeling.

4 Ways To Fix Headphone Leather Peeling in 2024

We can prevent the headphone leather from peeling by following the above-mentioned methods. But once it has been peeled, we need to fix it. So we will provide you with different DIY ways to improve your headphone leather. 

You need to get a pair of socks to fix the headphone leather peeling from hurting your ears.

The fabric of socks should be thick, but not so thick that it stops sound from crossing through them.

We recommend using these socks for this process:

These socks are comfortable and can go with any headphones.

  • Get a pair of socks and cut them from the ankle
  • Wear the remaining part of the socks on the earcups. 
  • Cover the ear cups with these socks and tie them with elastic rubber. 

Rubber will keep the socks intact for a long time, and you will no longer feel annoyed with peeled leather. 

4 Ways How To Fix Headphone Leather Peeling - Method #1: By Using Socks

Source : Instructables

This fix requires some effort at home but is the most helpful. 

Try to get a thick fabric to sew on the earcups. It can also be used on the headband leather peeling if it annoys you. Cut the fabric according to the size of the earcups. Always use tape for the sizing process. Use scissors to cut it according to the size. Put the thick fabric over the ear cups and sew it using a needle. 

Once you sew this thick fabric, there will be no itchy feeling from the disturbed leather on your ears. Deciding on a suitable material or leather is the most crucial part of this hack. 

If you don’t know how to use a needle to sew the fabric, you can also use the elastic band we used for socks. 

  • Use the same process to cut the fabric according to the size. 
  • Try to keep it a perfect size to avoid any inconvenience. Rather than sewing it, use the elastic band over the earcups. 
  • A tight elastic band will keep the leather or fabric intact for a long time. 

This hack is mainly similar to the socks hack mentioned above. 

If any methods don’t work, you can have the replacement cushions according to your earcups. 

Many online stores can offer you a variety of cushions according to the size of your ear cups.

If you are using a famous model, you can easily find it on the internet with the model name. Order these cushions and replace them entirely. You cannot use them on the old ones. 

Remove the old leather cushions that were damaged and install this one. 

We cannot call it a DIY method, but this remains the only option if the hack hasn’t worked for you.

Why Does Headphone Leather Peel?

Headphones are mostly made of metal or plastic headbands that do not get hurt in hard or rough practices. 

But the ear cups are made of soft material to make them comfortable for us. These earcups must be dealt with properly if you want to use them for a long time. Sweating and bacteria are the significant reasons behind our headphones’ leather failure. There are some other factors involved as well.

We will discuss different methods to prevent and fix the headphones from peeling. 

7 Ways To Prevent Headphones Leather Peeling:

There are multiple reasons behind headphone leather peeling, but we can prevent them by following some disciplined guidelines. 

Here are different tips and tricks to avoid headphone leather peeling. 

The environment in which we use our headphones plays an integral part in the health of headphone leather. 

Using our headphones in the summer without air conditioning will make our leather sweat. Also, going on a walk with headphones will keep the leather wet with effort. So the moisture in the leather is never helpful. It will slowly disturb the material of the cushions, and you will see the peeling start. 

Try to keep your headphones dry. Wear them regularly or use them in less sweaty conditions to increase their life. 

Moisture is the primary reason behind damaged leather, but bacteria is also one of them. We use them regularly but don’t have time to clean them. 

Ear wax is a mandatory part of every person’s life. We’ll get bacteria on the leather whenever we use earphones or headphones. Keeping them clean regularly would keep them intact for a long time. If you don’t clean regularly, you will slowly see your leather eaten by bacteria. 

Preventing headphone leather peeling is very much dependent on hygienic practices. Keep them clean, and your leather will stay for a long time. 

Store your headphones in a proper place and take care of them. Please don’t put them in a bag with multiple other items. This practice will make your headphone leather peel. Also, please keep them properly and separately in your home. You can also try to make a stand to hang them. It will reduce the chances of headphone peeling. 

These small practices matter a lot in making our headphones work longer. We usually throw them from one place to another, which can severely hurt the leather.

Only some headphones are made of high-end material that can absorb your barbaric practices. 

People usually use wet wipes to clean their headphone leather. Wet wipes can clean them fine but can also hurt the leather. 

You might be wondering how a wet wipe can damage the leather. It’s straightforward. Moisture is not suitable for the leather. Especially for the synthetic version of headphone leather, it’s deadly. The more you use wet wipes, the more you moisturize the leather. Use wet wipes on some occasions. And when you use them, try to dry your headphone leather before keeping them anywhere. 

This practice will help you to prevent the headphone leather from peeling. No peeling means you enjoy your favorite headphones for a long life.

Usually, when we shop for new headphones, we focus a lot on sound quality and other material facts. Somehow, missing the essential thing that is leather cushioning can haunt us in the future. 

So here is the advice to prevent the headphone leather from peeling. Try to purchase genuine leather. Suppose you read the description of the product in detail. You will find the type of leather it has on its earcups. Stay away from artificial or any other version of the leather. Always try to get headphones with genuine leather earpads.  

Once you try wearing genuine leather headphones, you will forget the headphone peeling issue for a long time. 

Do You Know?

Do you know that plenty of leather materials are used to make earpads, but Synthetic leather is the most common of all of them? Synthetic leather is also known as faux leather. It is known for its incredible comfort level and smooth sound experience. 

Multiple reasons can be reported for the headphone leather peeling, but the moisture remains on top. 

Try the moisture-proof covers if you like wearing your headphones during a workout or living in an area that mainly faces scorching heat. Many online and in-store headphones centers will have a variety of covers. These headphone covers can be placed on ear cups’ leather and are moisture-proof. 

These moisture-proof covers will help your leather stay safe from the moisture raised due to sweating.

Moisture is not the only reason behind our headphone leather peeling. Overheating can also be the reason. 

Excessive heat can occur for multiple reasons, but it can slowly kill the stitched parts of the leather. If we keep the headphones intact for a long time without any break, then it will heat up. If we keep them where the temperature is higher than usual, it might also hurt us. 

To keep headphones safe from excessive heat, one should be careful using them for a long time, especially in the summer.



  1. Why is the leather peeling off my headphones?

Headphone leather peeling occurs for multiple reasons, but moisture is the most important. If your headphone leather remains wet due to sweating or humidity, it will peel quickly. Also, overusing headphones for long hours can lead to the peeling of headphone leather. 

  1. How long does headphone leather last?

The life of headphone leather depends on two essential things, use and type. If you use the artificial leather for long hours, it won’t last more than 12 months. But if you have genuine leather and use it carefully, then it can easily last for more than 2 years. After 2 years, on average, it starts to peel.

  1. Is protein leather durable?

Protein leather is the high-quality leather used in mostly the seats of cars. Some headphones also offer protein leather, which is not as good as genuine synthetic leather. Its life is also less than real leather. It is made of multiple artificial materials blended to give an attractive look, but it does not last long. 

  1. What is the leather part on headphones called?

The leather part on the headphones is called by different names. Mostly it is called earpads, earcups, ear cushions, and pads. The other feature that rolls over the head is called the headbands of the headphones. 

  1. Is leather suitable for headphones?

Yes, the leather is the most significant part of any headphones. It provides the ultimate source of wind management that results in the smoothest sound listening experience. It lasts for more than 2 years with ease. Good leather can increase the life of your headphones, and lousy leather can decrease the life. 


Headphone leather is the most significant part of our headphones. It does not just work to provide us with a smooth and comfortable listening experience, but it also gives our headphones a long life. 

The headphone leather peeling remains the saddest feeling for any headphone lover. Yet you can prevent it by using different practices at home, as mentioned above. Keeping them safe from moisture is the most vital part of keeping them safe from peeling. The type and quality of the leather are also critical in preventing the headphone leather from peeling. 

You can use the DIY methods mentioned in the article to fix the leather peeling. Also, it is better to be careful with the leather to avoid peeling.  

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