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How To Wear Headphones With Beanie

Music lovers like to keep their headphones intact every time. Winters might stop them from doing so, as we wear beanies in the winter to keep our heads and ears warm. So many people ask whether they should wear headphones and beanies; if yes, then how can they wear headphones with beanies? 

Wearing Headphones With Beanie - Headphonetic.com

Don’t worry about it anymore; we also have you covered for this winter season. This post will guide you about listening to music and keeping yourself warm at the same time. Let’s see what different ways of wearing headphones with beanies are.

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Why Wearing Headphones With Beanie?

Many people who come across this question for the first time might wonder why it is necessary to wear both items simultaneously. 

Here is the answer. A beanie is a thick fabric hat used in the winter. It covers our head and keeps this part warm, including our ears. Wearing headphones with your Beanie will not stop you from being generous. Additionally, a specific type of headphones can keep your ears warm. 

So why not keep ourselves warm this winter and vibe with our favorite tracks? 

Different Ways of Wearing Headphones With Beanie:

Headphones can be worn with Beanie in multiple manners. That depends on the type of headphones as well. Let’s discuss some different headphones that we can wear with beanies. 

Over-ear headphones are the perfect choice to be used with Beanie. These headphones do not go into the ears. They are placed on the ears and usually have big-sized ear cups to cover the ears. 

Over-ear headphones can be used in both manners. We can also wear these headphones on the Beanie and under the Beanie. It will come with multiple benefits and drawbacks at the same time. Over-ear headphones are usually flexible and are of significant size. So they can extend a bit and be easily placed over the Beanie. A beanie is also made of thick fabric, so wearing them over a beanie requires a good and flexible size. 

We can also wear the over-ear headphones under the Beanie, which can bring multiple good and bad. Here are the pros and cons for over and under the Beanie Over ear headphones.

Pros and Cons:

  1. Over-ear headphones mostly come with large ear cups, so they can easily fit over the Beanie. 
  2. These headphones have expandable headbands to help us wear them over the Beanie. 
  3. An excellent bass sound is produced when a huge-sized ear cup has a healthy sound and passes through the thick fabric. 
  4. Wearing over-ear headphones under the Beanie keeps our ears warm because it comes with a good ear cup size. 
  5. Under the Beanie, headphones can hurt our ears if used for a long time. 
  6. Wearing over-ear headphones under the Beanie can also lead to a muffled sound as it becomes too close and tight to the ears. 
  7. Wearing them over the Beanie can also lead to low sound quality as it passes through the thick fabric. 
  8. We cannot enjoy high-volume music wearing them over the Beanie. 
  9. Wearing these headphones under the Beanie can improve the battery timing as it remains warm under the Beanie.

In-ear headphones are an excellent choice for Beanie if they are Jabra Elite 75t. These earbuds are made of comfy woofers that can fit more profound into the ears. Its smooth exterior makes it a perfect choice to be worn under the Beanie. 

In-ear headphones are those that are placed inside the ear at the start of the ear canal. It can be handsfree or earbuds, any of them. 

Wearing the In-ear headphones over or under the Beanie is not a question because we cannot wear these over the Beanie. The only option is to wear them under the Beanie, which has a mix of user responses. Wireless earbuds are the best thing to be used in this category of headphones. 

Here are the pros and cons of wearing a Beanie while using the In-ear headphones. 

Pros and Cons:

  1. Wearing soft earbuds under the Beanie is necessary because beanies are mostly made with tight clothing.
  2. Wired handsfree is not an option because it will disturb you repeatedly. 
  3. Wearing the In-ear headphones under the Beanie will not disturb the sound quality. 
  4. Earbuds can lead to overheating if they are not perfectly sized according to your ears. 
  5. Wired handsfree comes with a woofer that can fit the ear perfectly without hurting it, but a wired connection is impossible with Beanie. 

There was a time in the market when there were just two types of headphones, but now Bone Conduction Headphones have become a permanent part. 

You must have heard about its fame as it comes with a different technology. Well, this technology makes it a perfect choice to be used with beanies. These headphones are rolled over the ear and pass sound through cheekbones. They come with a band placed on the neck’s backside. This structure makes it a perfect choice to be used with Beanie. 

Its band will have nothing to do with the Beanie, as it is placed on the neck/back part of the head. Both sides are connected with a wire easily placed under the Beanie. Here is more insight about the use of bone-conduction headphones with Beanie. 

Pros and Cons:

  1. Bone conduction headphones, such as Beanie, are specifically designed with these requirements in mind. 
  2. These headphones do not provide incredible sound quality, so If you don’t use them regularly, you might also not like their sound under a beanie. 
  3. Bone conduction headphones are adjustable, so they are a good fit under a Beanie for every person. 
  4. These headphones can also be used during workouts under the Beanie because of their perfect design. 
  5. However, its sound quality remains a drawback when compared to others. 

Top Headphones To Wear With Beanies:

There are the top three headphones, which are best for wearing with a beanie. Check below!!

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - headphonetic.com
Check Details

If we talk about the over-ear headphones to wear over the Beanie, then DT 770 Pro is a perfect choice. They come with extendable headbands, and more importantly, they have an ideal size for earcups. 

Jabra Elite 75t - headphonetic.com
Check Details

In-ear headphones are an excellent choice for Beanie if they are Jabra Elite 75t. These earbuds are made of comfy woofers that can fit more profound into the ears. Its smooth exterior makes it a perfect choice to be worn under the Beanie. 

OPENMOVE by Shokz - headphonetic.com
Check Details

Shokz is the leading brand in the bone conduction headphones category. Its OPENMOVE is an excellent product if we want to use it under the Beanie. These headphones are sweatproof and can fit on the cheekbones easily. These features make it a perfect choice to be used with Beanie. 

Smart Bluetooth Beanie— A Surprise Package If you are unsatisfied with the above-mentioned products and want to try something new, here is the deal for you. 

Smart caps have been introduced in the market, fulfilling your desire to listen to music while using the Beanie. These caps are specially made to keep you warm during winter and have Bluetooth smart speakers. You can use Bluetooth to connect to this device and listen to music.

Although the smart cap offers multiple plus points for winter, it’s Bluetooth connection and sound quality remains the question mark. 


  1. Is it possible to wear over-ear headphones with a beanie?

Yes, it is possible to wear over-ear headphones with a beanie. You can use them over the Beanie or under the Beanie as well. It all depends on the size of your headphones’ ear cups and headband. 

  1. Do headphones go inside or outside the Beanie?

There are good and bad reasons to wear headphones over or under a winter hat. If you wear them under the Beanie, you can keep them from draining the battery, but your ears might hurt. They will be easy to wear if you put them over the Beanie. Also, putting it over a beanie can drain the battery faster and make it hard to hear music at a high volume. 

  1. How do you pair beanie headphones?

Beanie headphones or smart caps are connected using Bluetooth. Its procedure is also the same as that of mobile phones. Just turn it on using its power or play/pause button, and it will blink the light. Blinking means it is ready to be paired, and you can easily connect them using Bluetooth from your mobile device. 


Wearing headphones with a beanie is not impossible in the modern world. Many headphones come with expandable headbands that can help use the over Beanie. 

The big challenge now is how to put both of these to use. Over-ear and bone-conduction headphones remain the finest option to wear with Beanie. If you can compromise on sound quality, go with bone-conduction headphones. If not, wear your favorite over-ear headphones over or under the Beanie. 

Wearing headphones with Beanie is also possible using Smart Bluetooth Beanie that is available in the market. It provides all the functions in a single product. 

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