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8 Reasons Why Your Eears Itching While Using Headphones + How To Fix It In 2023?

I love over the ear headphones. I use my Bose 700 Active Noise Cancelling pair each and every day. Yet, there is one issue that plagues me that I have dedicated way too much time to solving.

You guessed it: itchy ears.

It’s like some kind of sick joke. You buy your favorite pair of headphones. They are comfortable, sound great, look amazing, and are the right price. Yet the more you wear them, the more you start to notice the great itch.

Why Are My Ears Itching While Using Headphones - headphonetic.com

Despite this all to real challenge, of your ears itching while using headphones, there is hope. Both the causes and solutions are known, and that’s exactly what i’m going to discuss for the rest of this article.

Prepare for you ears to thank you.

8 Reasons Why Your Ears Are Itching While Using Headphones

There can be multiple reasons behind the ears itching when using the headphones. It depends on the type of headphones, your hygiene practices, and many more things. 

Suppose you are using the headphones for a long time on high volume. That is also going to impact your ear’s health. Ears’ health will lead you to itchy feelings that can be annoying for no reason. You will need help to focus on the content you are listening to, leading to consistent aggravating feelings

So we have listed some significant reasons behind the itchy ears and the headphones relationship. Let’s see where you stand in this one. 

One of the primary reasons behind the itchy earphones is your headphones’ size and comfort level. 

Usually, we like to move while using the headphones. Some of us like to wear headphones during workouts and jogging as well. So we decided to purchase the tight headphones. Tight headphones are the perfect headphones if we talk about grip, but there are better headphones for a smooth experience. 

Regular use of these headphones will not just give you itchy feelings in your ears, but also it will make your ears pain. 

The skin and tone of every human being are dependent on their area and surroundings. Some people have oily skin, and some have dry skin

Itchy feelings due to the headphones are directly dependent on the type of skin you have. Most of the people who live in dry areas have dry skin. This skin is not made to deal with the material of earpads. It can lead to allergies and other medical conditions as well. So you must decide on the headphones according to your skin type. 

You will feel itchy ears if you use tight headphones on your dry skin for long hours

Some of us feel our ears itching while using tight headphones, but most of us feel it because of the moisture in the ears. 

You might be wondering where the moisture comes from. It comes from sweating. When we use the headphones for a long time or for a workout or if we live in hot areas that are mostly summer, we will sweat a lot sweating on the ears with the headphones. This moisture is going to make us itch badly. 

Moisture can also be due to the overheating of the headphones. Overheating occurs when mobiles are used for a long time at high volume. All these things lead to itchy ears. 

There are different uses for headphones. We can use it for movies, gaming, music, and other tasks. But music is the most used media when using headphones. 

Listening to our favorite music on headphones with high volume can also make our ears itch. There are different types of genres in the music industry. Rock style music is one of the favorites in the world. We feel the itching in our ears when we listen to this type of music at a high volume. 

This type of itchy feeling occurs due to the consistent vibration of the high volume in our ears. 

We store our headphones in bags, rooms, and sometimes on our shoulders. Headphones absorb different types of germs when placed in different places. 

This practice can lead to bacterial infection in our ears. Headphones come with different parts, and their earpads are the most sensitive. Because these pads are placed directly on the ears, any bacteria on them will go directly into them. 

Bacteria are the primary reason for the most annoying itchy feeling in our ears. 

Itchy ears can also be caused due to the tiny ear canal. This fact might surprise you, but here is how it works. 

We are talking about in-ear headphones here. These types of headphones are placed in the ears. If your headphones come with large woofers and your ear canal is small, it can lead to many problems. One of these problems is itchy ears. It will give you itchy feelings whenever you put them in your ears. 

The best way is to check the size of the in-ear headphones before trying to force them in the ears. 

Now we are coming to the choices you make during a purchase. Ears itching can also occur due to low-quality ear pads. 

When we try to save a few bucks by purchasing cheap headphones, these headphones don’t last much. Cheap headphones will have poor-quality ear cups that get rough from one or two places. These rough areas will continuously rub on our skin and become very irritating. 

So you must know that itchy ears also depend on your headphones’ quality, especially the earcups.

Do You Know?

Leather on our headphones comes in multiple standards, but they are different. Genuine leather is specially made hypoallergenic by the manufacturer. Hypoallergenic means the leather has the unique ability to strike down the chances of allergy on the skin.

Earwax is a must part of every human ear. Some of us remove it regularly, but others don’t think about it. 

If you do not clean your earwax regularly, it will definitely create an infection in the ears. This infection happens when big earwax blocks all the way to the canal. In this scenario, itching is not dependent on the use of good headphones, but it is dependent on our hygiene lifestyle. 

Not removing the ear wax will lead to a thick ball of ear wax in the ear. It will lead to infection, which becomes displeasing for our ears. 

8 Ways To Stop Your Ears From Itching While Using Headphones

We have discussed the reasons for the itchy ears with the headphones. If you face the same issue, follow our guide and make yourself comfortable. Here are the different ways to deal with itchy ears. 

The primary reason behind the itchy ears is the dryness of the ears or the dry skin. Here is how to deal with it. 

We have read that dry skin is the primary reason behind itchy ears. We can put some Vaseline on our dry ears.
If you are wondering about the best time to use Vaseline, you can put Vaseline on the ears at any point. Even if you are using headphones, you can apply Vaseline on the itchy parts of the ears. 

Applying Vaseline will kick out the itchy feeling in the ears even if we use them for a long time. 

Itching ears are also caused by the high volume of music played regularly. 

It vibrates the ear bones too much, which harms health. It’s better if you can use the volume maximum of 60%. Especially if you are listening to rock music with some high notes of musical instruments, you can try the 50% volume. 

It will help reduce the bone vibration, and the itchiness will disappear automatically.

Hygienic practices are essential, especially to avoid the itchiness due to the headphones. 

That will be great if you keep your ear pads clean. Do it with the help of dry wipes. If you are using wet wipes, you should not leave moisture on them. Cleaning the ear pads will prevent bacterial infection. If we have no bacterial infection, our ears will not have any itchiness. 

Keep your headphones clean by storing them correctly and cleaning them regularly. 

Some people like to use in-ear headphones as they deem fit. 

We need to use in-ear headphones with due care. For example, if we have a small ear canal and we are trying to force these headphones to the end of the ear canal, it will hurt badly. Try to keep it in the ear canal, where it goes easily. 

This way, you won’t feel any itchiness or pain in your ears.

Dry skin can be dealt with in many ways, but finding a permanent solution is problematic.

You can make olive oil a regular step in your headphones listening. Before putting the headphone on your ears, get a drop of olive oil and apply it where it itches the most. It will make your life easier as there will not be any more itching. 

Olive Oil can also prevent dry skin permanently if you use them regularly. 

Many of us have multiple headphones that multiple people use at the same time. 

If multiple people use the same headphones, it will lead to bacterial infection. It allows the germs to pass from one person to another very quickly. You can get rid of itchy ears by only keeping your headphones to yourself. Keep them private from many people. 

It will prevent the source of bacteria, and ear itching will not be a problem anymore. 

Itchy ears are also caused by headphones used for a long time without breaks. 

Especially if you are a gamer, music lover, or podcast lover, you must use these headphones for long hours without any breaks. This practice can harm the ear’s health, which is the primary reason for the ears itching while using headphones. It’s better to take short breaks and take off your headphones. 

You will see a massive difference with breaks, and there will be no more itchy feelings. 

Always try to get genuine leather earcups while purchasing your headphones.  

Many products offer artificial leather for earcups. This type of leather will look good initially, but it will get rough quickly. Rough places on the ear cups will be very irritating. Try to get genuine leather earcups made to work for a long time. 

It will help you to get rid of itching ears. It also allows us to have an excellent sound listening experience. 


  1. Why Do My Ears Get Itchy When Wearing Headphones?

Ears itching while using headphones happens because of multiple reasons. Poor quality ear pads that get rough with time are the leading reason.
Moisture on the ears due to sweating and the hot season can also lead to itchy ears. Our blog contains possible reasons and has provided multiple ways to eliminate this irritation.

  1. How Do I Stop My Headphones From Irritating My Ears?

Your headphones can irritate your ears because of sweaty conditions. If you live in a hot area with a higher temperature, keep the moisture off your ears. Also, tight headphones are one of the significant reasons for itchy ears.
Try to get the headphones according to your size for a comfortable listening experience. 

  1. Can Headphones Cause Dry Skin In The Ears?

Headphones don’t cause dry skin in the ears but are known for creating moisture. Dry skin is a natural phenomenon of our body that has nothing to do with headphones. Yes, irritation with itchy ears is possible if you don’t regularly put oil on your skin. 

  1. Can Headphones Cause Ear Infections?

Yes, headphones can cause ear infections only if you don’t keep them hygienic. If you are not used to cleaning the ear wax, headphones can increase the chances of ear infections.
Also, if you don’t clean your ear pads regularly, there is a high risk of bacterial infection in your ears. 

  1. Do Headphones Cause Ear Wax?

Earwax is natural and can increase if we don’t clean it regularly. Headphones or any other ear device like a hearing aid and earphones can also cause increased ear wax. Any headphones or ear device rub and vibrate the internal organs of the ear extra. So that creates more earwax than the regular ratio.


Music lovers who like to keep headphones with them face many problems, and ear itching while using headphones is one of the significant ones. 

Ears are not affected mainly by the type of headphones, but tight and rough earcups can cause itchy ears. The unhygienic practices in our life mainly cause this problem. If we keep our ears and the headphones clean from bacteria, we may never get itchy ears. 

So it’s better to be hygienic, and also, keeping your headphones to yourself is recommended. Please don’t share them with others for use. 

Ken Marshall

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