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Soundrevv Headphones: Are They A Legit Choice for 2024?

Negative reviews about a product can break its marketing backbone easily. The same goes for the Soundrevv headphones. 

The Headphone market has a huge number of products in it. A new entrant always feels tough in the beginning. Soundrevv headphones are a new entrant in the market. They have faced some criticism initially, and some competitors call it a scam, which they are not. 

This blog post will guide all you need to know about the most talked about headphones nowadays, Soundrevv.

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Are Soundrevv Headphones a Scam?

Here comes the most important part of our discussion. When you search about the Soundrevv headphones, you will find very few legit sources to discuss it. 

Some people have also posted these headphones as a scam on the internet. All the information that we have discussed above is directly taken from its original website. After looking at the reviews on its website, we can call it legit. Reviews look organic and are posted with detailed photos when taken out from the packing.

There is always room for improvement in the field, and one should be careful before ordering anything online. Soundrevv headphones are not a scam, but you can call them poorly developed headphones. 

Why do Soundrevv headphones have Negative Reviews on the Internet?

Many people on the internet call it another scam in the name of incredibly featured headphones. It can be true and not true as well. 

Truth can be revealed after you order it only. Almost all the negative reviews online are just empty claims. We are still waiting to hear that someone ordered headphones and received nothing. Yes, users say these headphones are not as good as claimed by the manufacturer. 

Introduction To Soundrevv Headphones:

Soundrevv headphones are bone conduction headphones that claim to offer the finest sound quality in this technology. 

Bone conduction headphones are mostly criticized for their sound quality, but this is not true with Sound Revv headphones. They create wonderful sound with the help of their 50 mm driver. Not just the drivers, Soundrevv offers many more features that are not found even in top-tier headphones. 

Features and Specifications of Soundrevv Headphones:

Let’s get going and discuss its features in detail with pricing and how it competes with top brands in the market. 

We know that a large diameter is good for the better sound quality of headphones. 

Soundrevv headphones come with a 50 mm driver size. Many market top-tier brands offer just 30 mm of driver size. So you can expect some incredible sound experiences using these headphones. 

Whether watching a movie or using it for a gaming experience, this driver size will make you feel on top of the world. 

Bone conduction headphones are said to be poor in sound quality normally. But soundrevv is different from all of them. 

It comes with a 6D panoramic sound, which is rare in bone conduction technology. The bass is rich and impactful, and the highs are clear and detailed. Whether listening to music, watching a movie, or playing a game, the Soundrevv headphones will make you feel right in the middle of the action.

An ecological diaphragm speaker has been added to it to provide you with a crystal-clear sound experience.

Wearing type and design of any headphones plays a vital role in its success. So you won’t regret wearing these Soundrevv headphones. 

Soundrevv headphones come with Ergonomic Design. Bone conduction headphones are mostly known for their perfect wearing style. It provides a flexible wire experience that fits perfectly on your neck and ears. 

A good battery backup is necessary to win the market nowadays. Especially for the Bluetooth headphones, it’s the mandatory part. 

Soundrevv headphones come with a wonderful battery backup. It will still have some battery if you listen to it for over 5 hours with your favorite music. A complete charge will provide you with five days of battery backup. 

Because it comes with a 150 MAH battery, users won’t need to charge it repeatedly.

Its open-ear style remains the best among the many benefits of bone-conduction headphones. 

Soundrevv headphones are also open-ear bone conduction headphones that do not cover your ears like traditional headphones. Open-ear headphones let you stay updated with sounds in your surroundings. 

These headphones will cover your ear from the back and provide a strong grip over the ear, but will not cover the ears like earcups. 

Do You Know?

Bone conduction technology is the most advanced vibe that you will have in this world. These headphones don’t use the ear canal and eardrum but use cheekbones to transfer the sound. It helps to prevent hearing loss and other medical conditions of the ears. 

Headphone users have their requirements; waterproof is an essential feature of headphones for gym lovers or athletes. 

We come across a lot of sweat when we do the gym or workout. Soundrevv headphones come with waterproof IP56 technology. Not just weatherproof, but these headphones are also sweatproof and rainproof. So, sweat during a workout is not a concern anymore. 

One more thing is required for athletic headphones: durability and perfect fit. These headphones are specially designed to be flexible to move along with your body during a workout

Bluetooth headphones are always dependent on Bluetooth technology. An old technology cannot provide a durable connection to users

Soundrevv headphones have taken care of this issue as well. It comes with 5.3 Bluetooth technology, the latest technology in the market. You will find very few devices with Bluetooth 5.3 in the market. This Bluetooth technology will always make you feel in control with its strong connection.

Bluetooth 5.3 will not face any disconnection or crackling sound even if you are far from the device.

A mic in the headphones is a plus point because it can be used for multiple purposes. 

Soundrevv headphones come with dual microphones. These mics are specially designed to convert your spoken words into HD sound. Even if you are out in the traffic, the other person hearing you will feel like you are sitting with him. 

Dual microphones are also a perfect choice for live gaming. Dual means microphones are placed at both ends of earphones for a better experience. 

Soundrevv headphones are a premium audio product gaining popularity among audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The major reason behind its success is the lightweight technology

Soundrevv headphones weigh around just 25g. Just imagine you are working out in the gym, all sweating and tired with your workout. You will feel relaxed with these featherweight headphones, as 25g is unbelievable.

Do You Know?

Soundrevv headphones come with a normal USB charging cable. A USB cord is easy to find, so you no longer need to worry about C-type cables. 

Price and warranty is the important point to be discussed in every product. A warranty on headphones tells us its legitimacy. 

Currently, Soundrevv headphones are offering a 50% discount on their product. You can get these headphones for 60 USD at your doorstep. It provides multiple ways of online payments, including PayPal. 

Soundrevv headphones offer a money-back guarantee on every feature. That means it is focused on winning the market in a short time. 

When you look at these headphones, you might feel that they are tough to use, but you are wrong about it. 

Soundrevv headphones offer a detachable cable that makes them perfectly portable in their packaging. Also, these headphones have one-touch control on them for all the features. You can use this one-touch control for all purposes, such as volume, pause, and other tasks. 

Both these features make soundrevv headphones a perfect choice for regular use. You will also not feel any pain in your ears because they are open ears. 


Looking at the website and offerings of soundrevv headphones, we can call them the beast. But it is not true. 

People who have used these headphones call them not capable of delivering what has been claimed by the manufacturer. Users reported that these headphones worked fine initially but stopped working after 7 to 8 months. When you contact the manufacturer, they will tell you to refresh the warranty first. 

We cannot call Sounrevv headphones a scam, but yes, if we call it a poor product in the market, it can be true. It’s better to watch out before ordering these headphones over the internet. 

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