How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Headphones -

How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Headphones | Step-By-Step Guide In 2023

Insignia headphones have formed an impressive group of satisfied users in its mid-range product market. Usually, it takes any brand longer to get a place in users’ hearts here, but Insignia remains the exception. It offers terrific sound quality at affordable prices, and its connection is robust. Let’s check how to pair Insignia Bluetooth headphones.  

How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Headphones -

Why Insignia Headphones are so Popular?

Several brands are in the market, but you have chosen to use the Insignia headphones. Do you know why? Because of its market winning strategy. 

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backpac Insugnia – NS-HAWHP2 RF Type: Over-ear
Connection: Wireless
Bluetooth: 5.0
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Insignia headphones have gained popularity due to their budget-friendly approach. You can get your favorite Insignia Bluetooth headphones on a meager budget. Moreover, it offers a wide variety and features in its small price range.

Some of its features are extreme comfort level, an astounding latency rate, and a good sound experience. Some of its models are designed explicitly for Tv and gaming purposes. At the same time, most of its models are made with dynamic headphones drivers. 

A dynamic headphone driver helps them to play astonishing sounds. Its Bluetooth connection range is also admirable. Let’s see what its connection offers us. 

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How to Pair Insignia Bluetooth Headphones?

Insignia Bluetooth headphones can be connected up to 10 feet easily. This connection range is more than what we expect or what we need. Yet it can sometimes be tough to pair it by using Bluetooth. Here is the step-by-step guide for the pairing process. 

  • Step 1. Turn On the Insignia Headphones

We will discuss the step-by-step guide for how to pair Insignia Bluetooth headphones with every device differently. In all of these methods, the first step is the same. You must press and hold the power button for at least four seconds unless you hear a beep twice. The light status will be turned to a red and blue indicator, and your Insignia headphones are now in pairing mode. 

How to Pair with Android?

Android is counted as the most straightforward user interface among all types. Its connection with the Insignia headphones is also pretty easy. Follow the given steps. 

Bluetooth is the most used feature of mobile that is approached again and again by users. So Android mobile gives easy access to it. In the new window that appeared after tapping on Settings, scroll down and look for the Bluetooth option. Tap on Bluetooth to open all Bluetooth settings

Clicking on the Windows Icon will open a pop-up window. A settings icon will be given in the options bar. This option bar will be available on the left side of the pop-up window. Click on the traditional settings icon to go for Bluetooth settings

Tapping on Bluetooth will open a new window with Bluetooth details. A toggle switch will be given right after the Bluetooth heading at the upper right part of the mobile screen. Tap on this switch to turn the Bluetooth on. It will process the request momentarily, and a Bluetooth sign will appear at the top of your mobile screen. 

As the first step of turning the Insignia headphones is already done, it will be in pairing mode. Check the list of available devices and select Insignia headphones from that list. It can be the official name of an Insignia model, or it can be any name set by you. 

Connecting the device for the first time might ask for a passcode of four digits. Type 0000 and press enter to connect it with Insignia headphones. 

Your Bluetooth connection is now established, and you can enjoy a flawless music experience.

How To Pair with Windows?

The Windows operating system claims to be more convenient than the other computer operating systems. Let’s see how easy it is to connect it with our Insignia Bluetooth headphones. You must remember that not all versions of Windows provide a Bluetooth connection. 

First, you need to be on your Windows operating system’s home screen or desktop. A Windows icon will be given at the bottom left corner of your laptop screen. This Icon will be like the official logo of Windows. Click on it to move further to the Bluetooth settings. 

Sensitivity is a crucial part of every pair of headphones. Especially when you are using it for gaming purposes, it would help if you had perfect sensitivity. 

Good headphones always come with fixed sensitivity. It is the ability of your device to detect and play sound at every level, whether a minor change or a healthy change. Fixed sensitivity is a concept that was introduced to keep your ears safe. Apple Airpods come with fixed sensitivity of 109 dB. It can detect the slightest of changes and also the highest of changes. But anything more than the 109 dB range will harm the ears, so it keeps you safe at 109 Db. 

Aceu must have felt the difference between the sensitivity or sound intensity of other gaming headphones and Apple AirPods as a pro gamer. 

Clicking on the settings icon will open a completely new window. This window will have multiple options related to settings. All of the window settings are in front of you now. You need to know the correct gateway. So we will click on the Devices option to go toward Bluetooth settings

Clicking on devices will take us to all the device settings connected to our laptops through different mediums. The first in all of them will be Bluetooth settings, and it will open by default. In the middle of your screen, click on Add Bluetooth Device option. You might not need to perform this step if you have already connected your Insignia headphone once. 

Performing the last step will take you to a new pop-up window with three different options. One of those options is Bluetooth. Click on Bluetooth to add your device.

A list of all the available devices will appear on your screen now. Wait for some moments and let your Insignia headphones appear on the list. We have already mentioned the step to enter the pairing mode of your Insignia headphones. Now in this list, click on your device to connect it using Bluetooth

It might ask you to enter the four-digit key for security or privacy reasons. Enter 0000 and press enter to finish the process. 

A few processing moments will establish the Bluetooth connection between Insignia headphones and your laptop. 

How to Pair With iPhone?

Connecting the Insignia headphones with an iPhone is similar to the Android. As interfaces are changed from each other, we will mention the step-by-step guide for you. Follow the given steps. 

Iphone will also have a built-in application that can open all the settings of your mobile. Look for the traditional gear icon of the settings application in the app drawer. Click on it to open the mobile settings. 

Clicking on the settings icon will open a new window. Scroll down a bit and look for the Bluetooth option. Tap on it to open the Bluetooth settings.

A new window with all the details regarding an iPhone Bluetooth setting will appear. Tap on the toggle switch given with the heading of Bluetooth to turn the Bluetooth on. 

Right after the Bluetooth is turned on, a list will appear. This list will have all the available devices ready to be paired. Tap on your Insignia headphones, and they will be paired. If it is not on the list, ensure you have followed the initial step of the article and your headphone is in pairing mode. 

Sometimes, headphones might ask for the passcode for security reasons before establishing a connection. Enter 0000 in the passcode and give it final permission. 

The Bluetooth connection will establish, and the status of the light will change from an indicator to a steady light. 

How to Pair with Mac?

The Mac operating system is the world’s most technical yet most reliable operating system. If you are using it for the first time, it might be technical. Once you get used to it, Mac will do wonders. Here is how to connect your Insignia Bluetooth headphones with MacOs. 

First, you need to look for the Apple icon available in the Menu bar. A menu bar is given at the top of your laptop screen. It mainly consists of icons rather than names. Click on the Apple Icon given at the left corner of your menu bar

Clicking on the Apple icon will give the drop-down menu with different options. One of those options is named System Preferences. Clicking on System preferences will allow you to access different settings such as keyboard, Bluetooth, and network passwords. It’s like a Mac control panel. 

When you click on the system preferences, it will open a new window. This window will have multiple icons as options. Look for the Bluetooth Icon and click on it. 

Now you will have a new window on your screen with all Bluetooth settings. The Turn On Bluetooth option is available at the left part of that window. Click on this option to turn on the Bluetooth of your Macbook. 

After turning the Bluetooth on, you will have a list of available devices. Click on your Insignia headphones in the list to establish a Bluetooth connection with them. 

If the headphones ask for a passcode before pairing, type 0000 and give it final permission to establish a connection. 

You have established a connection now and can enjoy the music. 

How To Pair Insignia Bluetooth Headphones with Tv?

Now this will come as a surprise package for many of the users. Insignia offers two excellent models that come with decking stations. The docking station can establish a wireless connection between our headphones and our TV.

After that, life is all about excellent PlayStation games and Netflix series. Here is how to connect the Insignia docking stations headphones with Tv.

The docking station comes with an adapter used as a power source. First, you must plug the adapter into a socket on the wall. It will work as a primary power source for all our wireless setups. You can’t charge the wireless headphones without plugging in the adapter. The same goes for connection; you must first put the adapter in the socket.

One cable end has an adapter, and the other has a connector. Put this connector into the DC jack given at the backside of the docking station. The blue light on the docking station will start to blink. It means the docking station is connected to the power outlet now.

Insignia headphones provide three different types of cables to establish a connection between the docking station and your Tv. Choose either one and plug it into the audio source of your Tv. Plug in the other end of the cable to the jack provided at the back side of the docking station.

Different types of cables need to be connected to a specific type of source both on the tv and docking station.

A power button is available for your Insignia headphones at the right ear cup. Press and hold the power for at least two seconds. It will power the headphones and establish a connection with the docking station.

The indicator will confirm the successful wireless connection. The blinking light on the docking station will turn into a steady blue light.

The connection between your wireless headphone and docking station is established now. You can enjoy playing games or watching movies on your Tv as it is connected to the docking station. 


  1. How do I reset my Insignia headphones?

Resetting the Insignia headphones might vary according to the models. The primary way of resetting is using the power button. Hold the power button for ten seconds, and its light will appear. This red light will blink for Step 10 times, and your headphones are successfully reset now. 

  1. How long does it take for Insignia headphones to charge?

Insignia headphones offer an excellent charging setup in all of its models. Most of its models provide fast charging and can be charged in two hours. The battery backup varies according to the model. 

  1. Do Insignia headphones have batteries?

Yes, Insignia headphones are counted as one of the finest wireless headphones. It comes with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries that provide a long battery backup in all types of weather. 

  1. Can I connect my Insignia Headphones to Tv?

Insignia has a long list of its products; only two can be connected to the TV. Insignia NS-HAWHP2 and NS WHP314 can establish a wireless connection with a TV. Both of these headphones use a docking station for this purpose. 


Insignia headphones are known for two of their significant features. One is the extreme comfort level, and the other is the connection with the TV

Two of its models come with docking stations that enable them to establish a wireless connection between Bluetooth headphones and TV. Moreover, its pairing process is also relatively easy. You can connect these headphones to mobile, laptops, computers, TV, and DVD players.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Insignia Bluetooth headphones and enjoy the Playstation with your headphones.

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