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13 Reasons Why Your Headphones Keep Pausing In 2024

Some people think of headphones as just another everyday item, but for most people, headphones are a way of life. People who love headphones feel like something is missing when they don’t have their headphones with them. They’re right because headphones have made our lives much more accessible. 

Why Your Headphones Keep Pausing - Headphonetic.com

As music lovers, we know how important it is to have good headphones. When we use headphones often, we can run into problems with them. One of these problems is that headphones are often put on pause. 

What would you do if you like music and you’re waiting for your favorite part of a song to come on, and your headphones stop? This remained the most annoying feeling in the whole world.

It can make your whole day and mood terrible. Our article is mainly about the main reasons why your headphones keep pausing.

But if you have JBL Headphones and they Keep Turning Off then you can read this article.

13 Reasons Why Your Headphones Keep Pausing:

Pausing headphones during the critical part of media playing does not happen for a single reason. It depends on many more things. 

Sometimes, the issue is in connection and sometimes in devices. Bugs in the setup can also be a source of this issue. 

We are here with a detailed review of why our headphones keep pausing. Not just the review, we are also here with the solutions to offer for immediate relief.

Here are all the reasons standing between you and your favorite music part. 

1. Check Headphone’s Jack Size:

The headphone jack size on your phone can be an issue. 

Sometimes, the headphones cable needs to find your phone jack as best compatible. This can lead to many problems, and pausing headphones or music videos is one of them. 

The standard jack size for headphones on mobile is 3.5 mm. 

Some cheap mobile companies cannot develop a universal size, leading to many problems while connecting headphones. It can also make your volume go up and down. 

How To Fix:

Well, there needs to be a straightforward home remedy to solve the issue of size compatibility. 

Try a different pair of headphones on your phone jack to confirm that it is a size issue.

After that, you can buy good Bluetooth headphones for you. This will give you a hassle-free experience with any mobile phone. It is a must-have solution.

2. Auto Pausing:

The Headphone market is increasing day by day. 

Manufacturers are inventing new features to remain on top. Many high-end brands of headphones are offering a unique mobile app to use headphones in a better manner. 

These apps have many features, and auto-pause is one of them. Whenever the app checks anything unusual is happening, it will pause the media. 

That might be the reason your headphones keep pausing. 

How To Fix:

Although the manufacturers have introduced the apps because they want to provide you with a convenient environment, if any of its features disturb you, you can take them off. The auto pause feature in the beats app for Android is a prime example of this issue. 

Go to your beats app in Android, scroll down the device screen, turn off the auto-pause/play switch, and enjoy your music without pausing. 

3. Device Sensors:

At the time, the only job of headphones was to provide a medium for the music to reach your ears. Time has changed now. 

Headphones don’t just provide incredible sound quality; they also come with sensors. 

These sensors have been placed in the earbuds that help the device understand when the headphones have been taken off. 

It will trigger the mobile application, and music will be paused. 

How To Fix:

There is no way to avoid this feature because it comes as a built-in function. A function that enables you to avoid the mistreatment of headphones. 

If you are fed up with this feature, you can only uninstall the app or turn off the pausing feature when the headphones are taken off. 

Otherwise, it is suggested to use this feature as it comes in good faith for the users. 

4. Internet Problem:

We all have faced this issue in our life many times. Most music lovers like to hear songs online. They connect the headphones and walk while putting their mobile phone in their pocket. 

In the pocket, a network problem can force the mobile to pause the music. Yes, it isn’t enjoyable, but when we take our phone out of our pocket, it will start working. 

The Internet and slow internet might be the reason behind your pausing. 

How To Fix:

Troubleshooting this problem depends on the type of internet you are using. 

If you are at home and using broadband internet services, you can restart your router and check if it is safe. 

Restarting the router mainly works, and the internet starts working right. If you are using mobile data, you can contact your network operator and complain about no internet in your area.

5. Check Headphone’s Jack:

A mobile jack is a socket given in the mobile to connect the headphones through its wire. 

This jack can make your music stop again and again if its connection with your mobile is faulty. 

A faulty jack, a faulty wire, and a faulty lead of the wired headphones can all cause the same issue if headphones are paused repeatedly. You can determine this issue by trying your headphones on any device and plugging multiple headphones into your mobile jack. 

How To Fix:

Well, there is certainly no home remedy for a faulty jack. 

That is the different story of how the mobile jack was harmed. 

The only way to solve this issue is to get your jack checked by customer care or any mobile repair shop. 

They will probably remove the jack and replace it with the new one. One more way to resolve this complaint is to use Bluetooth headphones. 

6. Dust and Dirt:

Pausing headphones is dependent on many different things. Dirt in your earbuds can also force the headphones to pause.

Ear wax is one of the main reasons behind dirt in earbuds. Other than ear wax, we take our headphones to different places. We also carry our headphones in our bags. These acts are most likely to get dirt on the earbuds. 

How To Fix:

It would be best if you cleaned your headphones regularly. Cleaning the earbuds will provide you with an incredible music experience. 

We can also keep our bags clean and not put headphones in dirty places. Cleaning the earwax can also be helpful. These things depend on us to work perfectly.

7. Bluetooth Range:

Headphones are about more than just wired setups. If you use Bluetooth headphones with your mobile, you can avoid all of the technical problems related to wire and jack. 

However, Bluetooth comes with its requirements. One of the essential requirements of Bluetooth headphones is to keep the devices in range.

 The standard range of Bluetooth headphones is 30 feet. If you take your mobile out of this range, it will pause the headphones straight away. 

How To Fix:

You should stay within 30 feet to keep headphones from pausing because of the Bluetooth range.

8. Only Compatible Devices:

Some headphones are compatible with limited mobiles only. The same goes for mobile phones compatible with specific types of headphones. 

Mostly, iPhones are compatible with their headphones only. Trying any other headphones will keep pausing the music, and it won’t be enjoyable. 

How To Fix:

The only way to fix this pausing issue is to use compatible devices. Before buying any device, you must learn about its compatibility with your mobile and vice versa.

9. Software Updates:

We always love to have the latest mobile phones. So when we get a notification of any software update, we install it immediately. 

Sometimes, a software update can irritate the headphones’ driver, and it results in the pausing of headphones again and again. 

How To Fix:

To solve the bugs in software updates, you must reinstall the update. If it’s not possible, you should report it to the company.

If it’s a universal issue, your company will provide a new update quickly. Stay connected with them, or use Bluetooth headphones if you can’t get the new update.

10. Low Charging:

People are already fed up with wired headphones, so they switched to Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones have changed the course of the market, but they have their downfall. 

Low charging tops the list for some of the Bluetooth device problems. We need to check the remaining battery life of our Bluetooth headphones while connecting them to music. 

It results in the pausing of headphones again and again during the music. 

How To Fix:

One cannot just improve the battery timing of any Bluetooth device. We suggest two ways to get rid of this issue.

Firstly, you should keep your headphones charged all the time. Especially before starting to use them, check if they are fully charged.

On the other hand, if you are fed up with this charging issue, you should purchase a good quality updated version of Bluetooth headphones.

11. Cheap Devices:

We don’t want to discuss  what headphones company you have used. But in case you are using a cheap headphones device. It can be an issue. 

Cheap headphones devices are made with low-quality Bluetooth versions. Also, they need a better battery backup. It can result in the pausing of headphones. 

How To Fix:

Fixing this issue is very clear; try to get top-quality headphones.

They are expensive compared to local headphones, but many top companies offer high-quality materials. It will provide you with an incredible experience of music and live games.

12. Take a Break Feature:

Some streaming apps come with the feature of taking a break. YouTube is one of them that offers this feature. It is called the “Remind me to Take a Break” feature on YouTube. If you have enabled this feature on YouTube, It might enable the app to be paused repeatedly. 

How To Fix:

Go to the settings of YouTube or any other app that might disturb you. Check if there is an option to remind me to take a break. Please turn it off from the toggle option and enjoy without any pausing error anymore. 

13. Bugs in Apps:

Music lovers do not just use headphones. Many more fields are connected to headphones, such as music studios, call centers, and movie lovers. 

We don’t use it for music on our mobile; we also watch movies or videos on YouTube while using headphones. Bugs in mobile applications can also lead to the pausing of the media player again and again. 

How To Fix:

The only way to get out of this trouble is to check the settings of your mobile applications. Please go into the settings of your mobile, open the app manager, open your desired app, and clear its cache. 

It will mandatorily resolve the issue, and your headphones won’t stop due to app bugs anymore.

What are some apps that can pause the headphones?

Alexa/Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is a virtual helper that allows you to save different tasks by speaking. The same goes for Alexa, which is a virtual assistant for us. 

These apps are found in android phones, and they can pause any media when turned on. This can be the reason behind your headphones pausing.

How To Fix:

These types of apps are installed on the mobile for our help. Default settings of mobile have given them many shortcut keys to be approached easily. Even when your headphones are not correctly connected to the jack, it will open google assistant again and again. 

The only way to stop these apps from pausing your media is to turn off the shortcuts given to them. You can do that by going into the settings of the app.


Siri is also like Google assistant. It can draw over other apps while pausing music when turned on. The only difference between Siri and Google Assistant is that Siri is found on iPhones only. Other features of both these apps are almost the same. 

How To Fix:

It’s straightforward to avoid this issue of being paused by Siri repeatedly. Please go into the mobile settings, open apps, search for Siri, open its settings, and turn the desired settings off. 

You need to turn off the shortcuts and other keys that cause Siri to interrupt you repeatedly. 

Live Music Apps

We are living in the era of live music. Many apps provide a vast collection of songs for online streaming. These apps require a handsome amount of mobile data. They pause the song repeatedly when they need more data. 

This issue is dependent on internet service rather than the apps. You might have suffered this issue a lot in the music apps..

How To Fix:

The best way to stop your live music audio from being paused repeatedly is to improve your internet services. It has nothing to do with the connection between mobile and headphones. 


  1. Why does my audio keep pausing?

Pausing audio during music is the most annoying thing for music enthusiasts. Yet it has many backgrounds. If you are using wired headphones with your mobile, the headphones jack might need to be installed appropriately.

Also, jack might have gathered some dirt that will stop a proper connection between headphones and mobile. 

Other than that, the wrong side of the jack can also lead to audio pausing. We have discussed all of the possibilities in our post in detail. Read and tell if your mobile and device are having one of these issues and do the troubleshooting. 

  1. Why do my wireless earphones keep pausing?

We switched from wired headphones to wireless headphones because of pausing issues. We don’t want to hear this word anymore, but wireless headphones sometimes get the pausing issue started. If your wireless headphones keep pausing, there can be two primary reasons behind it. 

Firstly, it can be due to the low charging of your device. Always check the charging of your device before using it. Low charging will lead to the pausing of wireless earphones. Secondly, it can be due to the range of Bluetooth devices. Try to keep both devices within a distance of 30 feet. Both these steps will solve your issues. 

  1. Can headphones get water damage?

The inner side of the headphones has different electric circuits that are not waterproof. If your headphones get any water in them or any sort of moisture in them, they will get short circuits. 

Short Circuits will lead to the total disaster of these headphones. You should avoid getting water or moisture inside in any scenario. 

  1. How do you clean leather headphone bands?

In the market, you can get different leather conditioners that can work on any leather. Get a very soft cloth, and put some conditioner on it. Now clean your leather headphones with this cloth. 

You don’t need to be hard on it. Keep it gentle and let the detergent do its job conveniently. 

  1. Why are my headphones cutting out voices?

Cutting out voices and pausing the music are the same things. Voices are cut down when the lead is not correctly installed in the mobile jack. 

Also, if the mobile jack is faulty or needs to be cleaned, it can lead to the cutting of voices. You can recheck the cable of your headphones; they might also be damaged. 

Final Words:

There is no apparent technical problem involved in the pausing of headphones. Most of them are related to our negligence. It will benefit us if we wrap up the topic in two different versions of headphones.

Wired headphones cause more pausing of music as compared to Bluetooth headphones. Their technicalities with the phone jack and damaged wire are the central issue. Almost 90% of the pausing issue comes with a damaged jack of mobile phones. 

Bluetooth headphones don’t have any technicalities that can lead to the pausing of media. The primary issue reported is the battery timing. Get Bluetooth headphones with good battery backup. Always check the battery before using them for a long time. 

Some other issues include the dirt on earbuds that come with our negligence only. We should keep our headphones hygienic all the time. 

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