How To Clean Bose Headphones -

How To Clean Your Dirty Bose Headphones

In this ‘buy and throw away’ era; we are always complaining about the compromised performance and durability of headphones.

But have you tried the simplest solution to make your Bose Headphones efficient and long-lasting? Regular cleaning that is!

Find out the easiest way how to clean bose headphones to make them look brand new all the time.

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Why Clean Your Bose Headphones? 

In order to understand the importance of headphone cleaning, you need to take out your Bose headphones and inspect them thoroughly, especially the ear pads. Can you see grease, dust particles and clogged ear wax trapped inside? That, my friend, requires your attention. 

We always change our clothes and take showers to freshen up after a workout session or a sweaty morning jog. That’s because it feels dirty to stink all day. The same thing goes for your headset. 

Headphones are mostly stored in bags or around the neck after use. The built-in moisture in the ear pads mixes around with dust, grime and bacteria. When you put the same earphones back on without cleaning; the worst things can happen. Hope you would want to get ear infections or allergies. 

So, without further ado let’s learn how to clean up Bose headphones quickly and easily. 

Important Tips – How To Clean Bose Headphones?

Before we jump to the procedure, it is important to know that cleaning earphones require delicacy. Thus, avoid using anything harsh for the purpose as it can damage your device. 

  • Remove the tips of your earbuds for thorough cleaning.
  • Don’t forget to put on protective gloves before starting the cleaning process.
  • Only use tissue or soft cloth to apply rubbing alcohol.
  • Don’t let the liquid enter the opening of your earphones in any case.
  • Use 3% hydrogen peroxide to clean the surface of the equipment, if nothing works.

Materials You Would Need:

To clean your Bose headphones, you would need some items and tools to make the process fast. You know, the best part? Almost all of the mentioned items are mostly available in our homes. Nothing fancy! 

  1. Microfiber Soft Cloth

One of the most used items in house cleaning is a microfiber cloth. Its material is gentle on the headphone and won’t scratch the structure. Use a damp microfiber cloth for the best results.

  1. Q-Tips

Generally, Q-tips are used for cleaning ear canals, and headphones are related to that somewhat. However, ensure to get 100 percent cotton Q-tips for cleaning your Bose headphones because they are the best in quality

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

The ingredient is used as a major disinfectant throughout the world. It is an essential kind of alcohol that is used in cleaning mostly. The purpose of rubbing alcohol is to eliminate all the built-in bacteria from your headset. 

  1. A small Brush

A small brush would be required to clean the narrow openings of the headphones where the cloth can’t reach. Make sure the brush is super small with soft bristles. 

The Cleaning Procedure – Step-by-step 

After gathering all the above-mentioned items, the next step is to start the cleaning process. 

  • Step 1 – Begin With The Buttons

Generally, Bose headphones have physical buttons present on both of the earcups. They are used for adjusting the volume and switching on the device. 

These buttons have small parts that can capture dust easily. Use Q-tips and a small brush to clear up this part. If that doesn’t work, use rubbing alcohol either with Q-tips or a brush. 

  • Step 2 – Move Towards The Inner Parts

As soon as the buttons are cleaned up, move to the inner areas of the earphones. It is impossible to say that, the inner part here doesn’t mean the electrical parts. The term is referring to the inside of earcups. 

Use a Q-tip to clean the area that goes in the ear directly. Take out all the debris and use the brush if needed. 

Be careful! not to use wet items on the equipment as they can damage the drivers. 

After the earcups, move to the inner part and clean properly with any of the listed items. This is because the area is generally made of plastic that can be cleaned with almost everything easily. Just use a microfiber cloth afterward to make sure it is left dry.

  • Step 3 – Cleaning Outer Parts

The outer parts cover everything on the headphones. Use rubbing alcohol for the purpose but make sure not to wet the equipment. A small amount of the product would do the job. 

How To Clean Bose In-Ear Headphones: Step By Step

The above-mentioned method was for over-the-ears headphones only. If your own in-ear headphones by Bose, then continue reading the post.

The cleaning procedure of earbuds is similar yet different from the headset. That’s because they ate smaller in size and more delicate in handling. 

However, it is also an undeniable fact that earbuds get dirtier than normal earphones due to ear wax blockage. 

This can later lead to decreased sound quality and ear infections as well. Here is what you can do to avoid the issues:

  1. Use a small brush or Q-tips to eliminate as much debris as you can.
  2. For the remnants, a few drops of rubbing alcohol should work. 
  3. Dry with a microfiber cloth afterward.
  4. Let the equipment air dry for a while. Don’t use it instantly after cleaning. 

How To Get Rid of ‘Sweat Stink’?

Are your Bose headphones smelling funky lately? That happens when you use this audio equipment for a longer duration. 

Dirt and moisture accumulate inside the ear pads and result in the growth of mold and an awful smell. To eliminate the stink, the following solutions should work.

  • Silica Packets

Mostly you can find these gel packets easily within the packaging of electronics, food, shoes or handbags, etc. These tiny beads absorb moisture and control humidity levels. All you need to do is; place them in the earcups after every use. 

  • Ear Pad Replacement 

If it is too late to try out the 1st solution or if nothing is taking away the order, then the only option left is ear pad replacement. Although the original product replacement is expensive, you can always opt for a third-party replacement. 

  • Maintain Ears’ Cleanliness 

Another important tip to keep your Bose earphones clean is to ensure clean ears. Moreover, build-up ear wax can always affect your listening experience and cause several other problems.

Caution! Don’t use Q-tips to remove ear wax as it can further push it inwards. As a result, the blockage can occur causing severe damage. 

Advanced Cleaning Method:

Do you wish for a straight-out-of-the-factory kind of cleanliness? Invest in a hardcore option like a hearing aid vacuum. As the name suggests, this small vacuum sucks the earwax and dirt through a pump. You can easily find similar devices online or check Amazon to choose from a variety. 

Final Words:

I hope this guide will help you clean your Bose headphones easily and quickly. All you are required to do is; follow all the instructions religiously and be gentle with your audio equipment during the process. 

Understand that cleaning earphones on a regular basis is not just helpful for your device, but it can save you from a lot of health risks as well. 

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