Beats Studio 3 Vs. Bose 700 Comparison – 2024 Guide

Choosing between these two great choices is not easy. Not going to lie.

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Bose 700 wireless headphones are one of the hardest comparisons to do because they possess extraordinary features that make them both an obvious win win no matter which you choose

That being said, there are some distinct and key differences between these two absolute units of technology. I’m excited to dive into the specs and help you choose which pair is right for you.

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Beats Studio3 Vs. Bose 700 Honest-Comparison -

Honestly, before we get going, I wanted to let you all know that the Bose 700 active noise cancelling headphones are some of my favorite of all time. I’ve owned 2 pairs at different times in my life and never once regretted it.

That being said, i’m going to do my best throughout this article to explain every design and feature of Beats Studio 3 as well as Bose 700 active noise cancelling wireless headphones and shed some light on the features that lead to my ultimate recommendation of a favorite in these two amazing products.

You ready?

Perfect, let’s review the specs that matter most.

The Specification of Beats Studio 3 Vs. Bose 700

FeaturesBeats Studio 3Bose 700
Noise CancelationActive Noise CancellationOut-of-the world ANC
Sound QualityHigh-quality soundHigh fidelity sound
ControlsOn-deviceTouch control
Battery22 hours20 hours
Charging Time1.5 Hours2.5 Hours
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The Beat Studio 3 is high-quality audio equipment designed with some very stylish external looks. It comes with a smooth and glossy look that enhances the glistening of this equipment. Its shape is slightly curvy, excluding the not-so-good sharp edges.

To increase the product’s durability, the manufacturers made sure to produce the headbands made up of stainless steel while most of the part is made of plastic. It is an over-ear form of headphones that require good quality foam for cushion purposes and Beats Studio 3’s cushions are covered with faux leather. So, based on design and physical appearance, Beats Studio 3 is the best choice for stylish wireless headphones.

The Bose 700 also holds an elegant position in physical appearance. The luxurious details include its sleek and elegant design with sophisticated simplicity. Unlike Beats Studio 3, the Bose 700 is wholly composed of a metallic substance and not low-quality plastic material, which is highly prone to scratches. 

The ear cups have been designed according to the anatomical position of the human ear so that they can provide the maximum level of comfort to ears while putting on the headphones for hours. The foamy cushions are made up of plush protein leather that increases its durability. The headband is steel in material and contains silicone-covered foam below. So, if your aesthetics match the elegance of Bose 700, you should consider purchasing it.

The Beats Studio 3 has the best quality ear cups which ensure enough padding. Still, when it comes to its headband, people are found to complain as it is a bit hard and rigid which becomes the reason for irritation while wearing it for a long listening session. It ultimately affects the credibility of the level of comfort the Beat Studio 3 offers. 

Unlike Beats Studio 3, the Bose 700 has been designed to keep the anatomical position of the human ear in view. It fits the human ear perfectly and provides ease and comfort without causing any disruption. The earcups are perfectly well-padded and highly adjustable, but using them for long listening sessions can cause fatigue. 

So, to save yourself from being fatigued, take some little breaks while keeping it on your head so that it gives relief to your head and ears instead of being the reason for unwanted fatigue.

The Beats Studio 3 has good quality sound, but it is as if it is designed for hip-hop or pop music lovers who like the intense highs and lows of the music. It is because it has slightly high bass audio. Also, it does not ensure the clear and definite sound quality of mids and ultimately causes way too much heaviness.

Bose 700 is known for its high-fidelity sound that ensures well-balanced sound, which is highly important to maintain the natural quality of sound. The jaw-dropping vocal sounds are clear and increase the pleasure of listening to any music genre. The best thing is that it is not overpowered that exasperates the eardrums; instead, the manufacturers of Bose 700 focused on the lows while taking care of the mids and highs.

The active noise cancellation in the Beats Studio 3 is good and highly efficient in canceling unwanted exterior noise. It saves you from any disruption caused during your long listening session and makes you enjoy your favorite music.

The Bose 700 has world-class active noise cancellation, which is highly adjustable as well. It has microphones internally as well as externally that cancel out the disturbing sound instantly coming from the environment. Also, it offers adjustment, which means you can change the intensities of noise cancellation. 

If you want to keep yourself less distracted, you can increase the noise cancellation and the same for the opposite situation. When you are sitting in an important place where you are required to be updated, you can decrease the noise cancellation.

The Beats Studio 3 undoubtedly has better battery health by providing the continuous use of the headphone for almost 22 hours with noise cancellation on. When there is no need to switch on the active noise cancellation, it works proficiently for more than 40 hours. The fast fuel service offers a 10 minutes charge with 3 hours of playback.

Bose 700 could not beat the Beats Studio 3 in the battery power aspect. It offers 20 hours of continuous use with active noise cancellation. The downside is that the active noise cancellation cannot be turned off, which gradually drains the battery power of Bose 700. Charging the Bose 700 for 2 hours can fully recharge it so you can enjoy your long listening sessions.

The Beats Studio 3 offers fast Bluetooth connectivity through the Apple W1 chip. It provides a seamless setup, and you can easily switch to other Apple devices with some very long distances that do not cause dropouts as well. It perfectly shares almost any type of wireless audio and has micro USB ports that make sure the availability of USB connections as well.

The Bose 700 wireless headphones have a range of covering 30 feet of distance while turning on the Bluetooth feature. The thing that makes it unique is the possibility of pairing it with 2 Bluetooth connections, which means you can keep listening to your music, but midway, if you need to make a call, you can instantly switch on to it.

There is a multifunctional “B” button that lets you control the activity by lowering the active noise cancellation when it is needed and increases to allow you to be less distracted by the environment. This button is also used to manage volume and audio playback, along with activating Siri. 

The Bose 700 is highly efficient and super easy to use as it offers a touch control system. The right earcup contains touch sensors which makes it easy to manage the volume if it is needed to be increased or decreased. It also manages calls and music without bothering you to switch to your phone. 

There are low profile buttons that help in to control power, active noise cancellation, and voice assistants, including your google assistant, Siri, and Alexa, ensuring quick and without disrupted access to the volume, calls, messages, and music.

There is a difference of 100 $ in between these two incredible pieces of audio equipment.

According to the price range, the Beats Studio 3 is recommended for those who have a limited price range. In this range, Beats Studio successfully provides high-quality headphones with some extraordinary features. So, if you think that this product with this price tag suits you, you should not waste a minute in purchasing it.

The Bose 700 wireless headphones are slightly more expensive, but the quality and incredible features are totally worth this price tag. Those who are seeking high-quality aspects with elegant design headphones should consider this product.

Final thought

My recommendation for Beats Studio 3 vs the Bose 700?

If you are less price sensitive, the best pair of headphones out of the two are the Bose 700 active noise cancelling headphones.

It was a close call, and both strong contenders when it comes to the best audio experience.

Obviously keep in mind the fact that you might have your own specs and features that matter most to you and trust your gut if something catches your eye (or ear) with regards to the Beats Studio 3s.

I hope this article helps you and you end up with the new pair of headphones that you’ve been dreaming of. Personally, I think a great pair of noise cancelling headphones makes so many different aspects of life much better so i’m rooting for you.

Happy listening!

Ken Marshall

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