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Tascam TH 300X Vs. Sony MDR 7506: An Honest Comparison In 2024

Studio headphones are very significant to musicians. They buy it once and use it for a long time because professional compositions have been played on them. 

Tascam TH 300X Vs. Sony MDR 7506 fulfills the requirement for good studio headphones. Their comparison is tied mostly to impedance, frequency response, and other technical matters. The only thing that makes them different is the price category. Tascam TH 300X is a good option if you are on a budget. If not on a budget, Sony MDR 7506 can be a long partner for you in your studio. 

The choice is yours, but after looking at the detailed comparison of both headphones, you should hurry to make your choice and bring one for yourself. 

Getting perfect headphones is a hard nut to crack nowadays. The major reason is that the prices are going high daily and the newly launched products are increasing. 

You might have heard about Tascam TH 300X Vs. Sony MDR 7506, but now you are confused about them. We are here to give you a proper insight into both headphones by mentioning all their features. One normally does not change his studio headphones. Sometimes, it becomes mandatory to have a change. For that purpose, we are here to guide you and help you become a better musician with the perfect headphones match for you. 

Built quality, type of wearing, speaker size, Impedance, and much more must be discussed before getting any headphones for you. So let’s get going and see how Tascam compares with high-end Sony manufacture. 

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The Specification of Tascam TH 300X Vs. Sony MDR 7506:

FeaturesTascam TH 300XSony MDR 7506
Impedance40 Ohms63 Ohms
Frequency Response10 Hz – 26 KHz10 Hz – 20 KHz
Max Power1800mW1000mW
Sensitivity98 dB + 3 dB106 dB
Weight 14.4 Oz8.1 Oz
Drivers45.0 mm40.0 mm
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

The connection type of any headphones is the biggest topic nowadays. The launch of Bluetooth headphones has changed many things in the market, but remember, we are talking about professional studio headphones here. 

Tascam TH 300X comes with a coiled wire connection. A coiled wire is actually like a spring that can easily be stretched. You can extend this product’s wire to 9.8 feet with ease. So the purpose of Bluetooth headphones has come to an end. Not just stretched, but it can roll back when not in use. So a wire connection of Tascam is wonderful.

Sony MDR 7506 will never let you regret your decision to buy it. This product by Sony also comes with a coiled wire setup. Its wire can also be extended to 9.8 feet and rolled back easily. In your studio, you can easily move your chair while using these headphones with their stretched wire. A wired setup is always better than a Bluetooth setup.

We are now coming to the crucial aspect of wearing headphones, their weight. More weight can prevent us from using our headphones for a long time. So a decent weight becomes crucial for headphones. 

Tascam TH 300X will not let you feel overweight on your head as studio headphones are made of special metal and platting. So their weight becomes excessive as compared to normal headphones. Tascam has given us a lightweight experience with a 14.4 Oz weight only. It is lightweight but made of high-quality material that will not stop the mind-blowing performance for prolonged use as well.

Sony MDR 7506 will be a winner in this point of comparison. Sony has given us the highest quality possible with only an 8.1 Oz weight. This weight is unbelievable for studio headphones. Sony always satisfies us with build quality, which is true with MDR 7506. It is lightweight, but its quality has been maintained brilliantly. 

Let’s talk about some technicalities involved in making a good pair of headphones for professional use. Frequency response is counted as an important aspect of every pair of headphones. It is counted as an average range of bass and other audible sounds coming out of the signals received by it in an electric shape.

Tascam TH 300X is said to be perfectly designed for use as a studio headphone. Its frequency response is recorded as 10 Hz to 26 KHz. That means it can detect the higher bass better than many other headphones. Its high range is more than many studio headphones. Also, the lowest variable is kept standard for the treble to be sounded perfectly. 

Sony MDR 7506 will give tough competition to everyone in the market. Its frequency response has been kept at 10 Hz to 20 KHz. Most musicians love this standard range as it covers almost every music genre. But if we talk about high variables, Tascam has won it with 26 KHz. 

If we talk about studio headphones, it may be the only part that has yet to be taken over by wireless headphones. The major reason is that studio headphones do not have any chance of making a mistake. So the connection type of the wired setup is an important part. Three types of jack are mostly used in the market. These are 2.5 mm, 6.3 mm, and 3.5 mm. 

Tascam TH 300X is the finest addition to your studio because it simultaneously deals with two jack sizes. It originally came with a connector of 2.5 mm jack, but it also has an extra adapter of 6.3 mm. You can use this adapter by plugging it into the original jack for devices that support 6.3 mm only.

Sony MDR 7506 also comes with various options regarding the jack size. Originally it had a 3.5 mm jack size, and it also had an adapter of 6.3 mm. This jack size makes it a perfectly designed size for almost all devices in the studio. It is a tie between Sony and Tascam as both offer the same size of adapter and jack. 

The Impedance of any headphones is the most crucial part for musicians. Impedance means power in the top quality headphones that prevent the resistance and lets the sound pass through the amplifier without distortion. This is called Impedance, and it is measured in Ohms. 

Tascam TH 300X has made its way to the top of the market for multiple reasons. Impedance range is one of those reasons. It comes with an Impedance of 40 ohms, which is decent for dealing with all the resistance. But more might be needed for the distortion of the highest level. 

Sony MDR 7506 has won this point with a clear margin, as it comes with an impedance of 63 Ohms. 63 Ohms, compared to 40 Ohms, means a clearer sound quality, especially at the high notes. High notes made in rock-hard music are hard to deal with at 40 Ohms only. You need 63 Ohms headphones for that.

Do You Know?

Tascam TH 300X and Sony MDR 7506 come with the same magnets, called Neodymium. These types of magnets are small but are said to be ten times better than the old technology of magnets.

Now we are going to compare these devices for wearing style. Many types of headphones are available in the market, but only some styles suit studio headphones. It must be perfectly designed and comfortable enough to be used for a long time. 

Tascam TH 300X is an over-ear headphone designed especially for professional purposes. Its cushions at the ears are comfortable enough to let you focus on the music only. Its headband is made of metal and cushioned with leather to be comfortable. This over-ear headphone will also fit so properly that no sound leakage will be reported.

Sony MDR 7506 is also an over-ear closed headphone designed for studio work. Its built quality and wearing style is the same as Tascam. The only difference is that Sony headphones are made with more comfortable material. Its headband and ear cushions are more comfortable and soft, which makes you focus on the job for a long time with grace.

Sensitivity in the studio headphones decides the quality of the device. Sensitivity is measured in decibels. It means detecting even the smallest note of the signal so that it can be converted into sound. 

Tascam TH 300X is professionally designed to be studio headphones. While making new compositions in the studio, these headphones will help you to detect the lowest part of the sound notes. It comes with a sensitivity of 101 dB, counted as an expert level of sensitivity, especially for studio headphones. 

Sony MDR 7506 is different from ordinary headphones compared to Tascam TH 300X. It comes with a sensitivity level of 106 dB. This sensitivity level is more than the level studio headphones require. It is a better choice than Tascam TH 300X in the battle of sensitivity. The higher the sensitivity, the clearer the sound. 

When talking about the important and technical information of the studio headphones, then how can we leave the most important Drivers out of the discussion? The headphone driver takes the signals and converts them into audible sounds. This driver comprises three different things: membrane, coil, and magnet. Rules about drivers are very simple; the bigger the size, the better the sound. 

Tascam TH 300X manufacturer knew the importance of driver in pro headphones. So it has been produced with a driver size of 45 mm. This diameter of the driver will let you experience the best music of your lifetime.

Sony MDR 7506 is not a competition to Tascam when talking about drivers. Yes, the membrane and magnet of Sony MDR 7506 are of better quality, but its size is small. It has a 40 mm driver, so its range has been limited.

The maximum power intake of any headphones is an important point as well. Because one headphone cannot deal with high power input, it can lead to distortion in the sound.

Tascam TH 300X is a master in providing these features. It can deal with 1800 mW easily. You will see a few headphones with this range of maximum power. It means you won’t be worried about the distortion due to high power while using these studio headphones anymore. 

Sony MDR 7506 has tried to win the market with many features, but unfortunately, max power is not one of them. Its max power is quite low compared to Tascam. Sony MDR 7506 can deal with 1000 mW only. That means a distortion danger is available in your compositions. 

Studio headphones are also facing a battle between wireless and wired headphones. So the type of wire in the setup plays a vital role.

Tascam TH 300X comes with a coiled wire that can be extended. The coiled cable is like spring, and it finished using wireless headphones in the studio. This coiled cable is expandable Up to 9.8 feet easily.

Sony MDR 7506 is also made with coiled cable and is also of the same size, which is a maximum of 9.8 feet. A coiled cable can be rolled back automatically when not in use, making it very impressive for studio headphones. 

Every market has suffered a lot due to the covid across the globe. People also have suffered, so a budget plays a vital role in buying headphones. 

Tascam TH 300X has provided us with the long range of features required for good studio headphones, and still, you can easily buy it for 60 to 90 USD. Tascam is working hard to compete with big names in the market. 

Sony MDR 7506 is not as cheap as Tascam. You can get Sony MDR 7506 for 100 USD, not less in any scenario. If we talk about the market, Sony is a huge name compared to Tascam. 

Do You Know?

Sony MDR and Tascam both do not have ANC features installed in them. Active noise cancellation feature is an automated newly introduced feature that prevents distortion. Both these headphones claim to be distortion free with their design and work, but they miss proper ANC. 


  1. Are Tascam Headphones good for Studio work?

Tascam headphones are known in every field. Whether gaming headphones or commercial or studio headphones. Tascam TH 300X is the finest choice for studio use. It provides wonderful impedance and driver size, making it a top priority for many musicians.

  1. Are Sony MDR 7506 over-ear headphones?

Yes, the Sony MDR 7506 is an over-ear headphone. They came with cushioned leather in the ear part that covers the ear wonderfully. This high-quality cushion prevents sound leakage and lets you focus on your work completely. 

  1. What are Sony MDR-7506 for?

Sony MDR 7506 is specially designed for professional purposes, or in easy words; we can call them studio headphones. Their driver size, impedance, jack, sensitivity, and frequency response have been specially designed per the studio headphones’ requirements. 

  1. What is a good budget studio headphone?

Studio headphones are mostly found at around 200 USD, making them very expensive. Tascam and Sony have jumped into the field with cheap studio models. Tascam TH 300X and Sony MDR 7506 are great headphones for under 100 USD with all the required features. 

  1. Are Sony MDR 7506 Wireless Headphones?

No, Sony MDR 7506 is not wireless headphones but has a spiral wire setup. Its coiled cable can easily be used up to 9.8 feet and automatically rolled back with ease. It finished the purpose of wireless setup with its size and style. 

Final Words:

In conclusion, Tascam TH 300X and Sony MDR 7506 are both good options for studio headphones that fulfill the technical requirements for professional use. 

Image Product Price
backpac Tascam TH 300X Check Price
backpac Sony MDR 7506 Check Price

The only major difference between them is the price, with Tascam being more budget-friendly and Sony being a high-end option. Both headphones offer coiled wires, comfortable over-ear wearing styles, and similar jack sizes. 

However, Tascam has a higher maximum power intake, larger driver size, and wider frequency response, while Sony has a lower weight, higher sensitivity, and higher impedance. Overall, both headphones provide great value for their respective price points and can serve as reliable tools for musicians and sound engineers in the studio.

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