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Detailed Tascam TH 300X Studio Headphones Review For 2024

You’re looking for the right pair of studio quality headphones right?

Perfect. You’re in the right place.

It’s a truly worthy pursuit and not one to take lightly.

With so many creators springing up these days making youtube videos, podcasting, building social media empires, and trying to get a music career off the ground, the market for studio headphones is at an all time high.

In the past, studio equipment was costly because it was much more specialized. These days, things have changed, you can buy many high-end studio products without breaking the bank. Headphones are a must-have in your music studio regardless of what kind of production you’re doing.

That being said, today is all about reviewing the specs for the Tascam TH 300X studio headphones in all of it’s full glory and its working capabilities. By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly if they’re right for you and how to get the best usage out of them.

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First, Learn About The Different Types of Headphones Available Other Than Studio

The headphone industry has significantly changed since the studio headphones launch. Before we talk more about Tascam TH 300X, you should know the difference between studio and other headphones. 

Studio Headphones:

Studio or Professional headphones are known for their in-depth management of the sound coming out of them. These headphones are specifically designed to lead the way for the musicians in the studio. When musicians make new music, they love using these studio headphones to understand the composition better. 

Gaming Headphones

Gaming headphones are not precisely headphones, but headsets. Besides providing a high-end music feature in the speaker, they must also be comfortable enough to be used while playing games. Gaming headphones are headsets because they must come with microphones attached.

Commercial Headphones

Commercial headphones are the regular headphones that you use regularly. They are not just made for the significant music flow of every genre but are also perfect in size. These headphones will fit you perfectly, and you can also use them during gym or exercise time. 

Tascam TH 300X Studio Headphones Detailed Review

Today we are going to focus on the studio headphones Tascam TH 300X. 

These headphones are available in the market for a small budget and offer a long list of advanced features. The market has changed after their launch, and many top-tier musicians have suggested using these headphones. We are going to have a look at their pros and cons in detail.

Let’s get going to discuss our Tascam TH 300X better. 

Different wearing types of headphones are available in the market. One of those headphones is called over-ear headphones. Over-ear headphones are loved mainly by musicians because they keep external noises away from the ears. 

Tascam TH 300X are over-ear headphones that make them a perfect choice for studio usage. Over-ear headphones come with great cupping that can round over the ear compared to the on-ear headphones lying down on the ear. Over-ear headphones are also more significant as compared to other types of headphones.

When you use the Tascam TH 300X headphones regularly, you will know that comfortability is the best word to describe the excellent padding of the headphone cushions available on this device.

If we talk about the technicalities involved in headphones, then impedance will come at the top of the list. The impedance ratio deals with the power to allow the sound to pass through the device’s resistance

Good headphones always come with different ranges of impedance in them. Tascam has introduced the 40 ohms impedance ratio in this device. That means this device is more than enough to control the resistance and to keep the quality controlled. Also, 40 ohms is not a high value of impedance that can over-stretch the device. 

This impedance rating is perfect for studio headphones. It will allow the sound to pass through all the resistance produced by the device parts, and still, it will keep the originality of sound with it.

Studio headphones are only sometimes counted as the best ones when talking about the weight of devices. 

Because they needed to be used in the studios and not carried around, the manufacturer of this product still provided a lightweight of only 14.4 ounces. You can use them for long hours easily. These headphones cushions are also perfect to be rolled over the ears. Their weight is comfortable so that you will focus on your work easily. 

Tascam TH 300X is the exception in every case of the studio headphones category. Its weight endorses this claim as well.

Frequency response is the most crucial part of every audio device. It is counted in hertz, and the higher frequency is said to be suitable for bass speakers only. 

Tascam TH 300X will not let you regret your decision to produce your music with its help. It comes with a frequency response of 10 Hz to 26 kHz. Starting from as low as 10 Hz, this frequency response is the most detailed sound response you will ever experience. When you work on the low notes, you need to get in touch with the lowest frequency response possible. That is what Tascam TH 300X is made for. 

Also, the higher frequency response point of 26 KHz is strong enough to give you the best idea of higher notes. All these features are worth praying for in any studio headphone.

If we talk about the hardware parts of studio headphones, we should know the significance of the coiled cable. 

Tascam has quickly made its name in the market, and Tascam TH 300X is its primary reason. This studio headphone comes with a coiled cable that the musicians love. A coiled cable is easily stretchable to different lengths. These headphones are blessed with an audio jack of 3.5 mm, not just the coiled cable. A 3.5 mm jack is a standard size for the headphones, but it still comes with an extra mini adapter of 6.3 mm. If your device does not allow the use of 3.5 mm, you can plug it in as 6.3 mm. 

The cable type and connector size of Tascam TH 300X are perfectly developed for studio headphones; rightly so, it proved to be the finest choice in the market.

Do You Know?

It is a surprise for you that the coiled cable of Tascam TH 300X is extendable up to 9.8 feet easily. This figure might interest you to get in love with the coiled cables from now on, especially when talking about studio headphones.

People usually think that the size and quality of the speaker is the only thing to look forward to in the headphones, but they are mistaken. They need to be made aware of the fact that the headphone’s drivers are more significant.

The headphones driver is responsible for converting the electrical signals into audible sound and forwarding it to the speaker. The healthy diameter of the driver can lead to the finest audible sound conversion. Tascam TH 300X headphones come with a large driver size with 45 diameters. This size is perfect for tackling the highest bass sounds in the music. The built quality of its driver is said to maintain the audible sound of every level most finely. 

The headphones driver is a crucial part of every professional headphone, and Tascam TH 300X matches this merit. A perfect pro sound experience is waiting for you.

As the name suggests, this feature is also introduced in the headphones to detect sensitive sounds. It is counted as the decibel dB. 

Tascam TH 300X is made to give you the most comfortable music experience. It comes with a sensitivity rate of 98 dB + 3 dB. That means it will detect the slightest signals and convert them to audible sounds. Moreover, this sensitivity rate is specially designed to tackle extra and over-sound signals. While listening to the music on Tascam TH 300X, you will not feel any distortion. This will help you compose the finest tunes in your life. 

The sensitivity features of the headphones need to work smartly. Good headphones have a fixed sensitivity rate as they keep the listener secure from extra sound and distortion.

Distortion is produced in the headphones through different means. A good headphone tries to prevent distortion from entering the audible signals. 

Measurement of the overall distortion added to the sound is called a THD. The manufacturer of TH 300X was well aware that THD is suitable for studio headphones. Rightly so, this product comes with a THD of less than 0.003%. You should be out of depression for the distortion issue as these headphones are perfectly designed to keep distortion to the lowest. 

Total harmonic distortion at the lowest level means Tascam TH 300X will give you the response of your music only, and distortion will not affect the sound in any manner whatsoever.

Does not matter what type of headphones you are using, one thing is for sure, and that is the sound leakage. 

If we talk about commercial headphones, we don’t want to disturb anyone. The same is the case with studio headphones. If your studio headphones are leaking sound, you will not be able to concentrate on the sound ideally. Tascam TH 300X headphones are also perfectly designed to deal with this issue. Giant-sized cushions are made with especially leather to keep your ears intact. Moreover, these headphones are over-ear style so that they will roll over your ear completely.

Tascam has worked smartly to prevent any sound leakage. This is why Tascam TH 300X is so famous in the studio world nowadays.

Studio headphones are supposed to have healthy power input capacity as the music heard should be clean as a whistle for better understanding. 

Tascam TH 300X will deal with this issue as well. It has a maximum input power capacity of 1800 MW which is more than needed. It will deal with all the distortion and issues generated due to high input power. 

The manufacturer has taken care of the power input issue ideally because it understands its significance in the studio headphones.

Pricing of any studio headphones makes them the first choice of people. The same goes for a warranty because a warranty gives people the confidence to move on and buy the product. 

Tascam TH 300X have passed both these tests because they come with a one-year warranty on a concise budget. If we talk about pricing, the market has seen a significant price rise worldwide. Still, different stores offer these headphones for under 100 USD ranging from 60 USD to 100 USD. One year warranty means you can use it for one year without any pressure over your head. Yet accidental claims are not part of the warranty. 

Manufacturers have done the unbelievable by putting a one-year warranty on a meager budget.

Active noise canceling is a new feature introduced in the market, and people are in awe of this feature. 

People think this feature is mandatory to deal with noise from the outer world. Tascam TH 300X doesn’t precisely have the ANC feature in it. That remains the only negative point in the review of this beautiful device. However, its large diameter and over-ear cushions are perfect for preventing distortion from the outer world. 

Even without ANC features, this studio headphone will stay intact in every manner whatsoever.


  1. What is the jack size of Tascam TH 300X?

Tascam TH 300X comes with a 3.5 mm audio jack, but it can also deal with one more size. There are usually three types of jack sizes, and Tascam comes with an extra adapter for a size of 6.3 mm. The Tascam TH 300X is a perfect choice for studio headphones. 

  1. What is a Coiled Headphone Cable?

The performance of the coiled headphone cable is just like any other cable. The only difference is that it can be stretched to some extent. This cable looks like a spring-type cable. Tascam TH 300X has a coiled cable that we can stretch to 9.8 ft easily. 

  1. Are studio headphones the same as regular headphones?

Studio headphones are also known as pro or professional headphones. These headphones look like standard headphones, but they are focused on some different features. As studio headphones are used in composing the music, it does not have much capacity to allow distortion. It will be focused on sensitivity, impedance, and frequency management rather than looks or outer surface. 

  1. What is the price range of Tascam TH 300X?

Tascam TH 300X is a studio headphone on a very friendly budget. Studio headphones are primarily available in the price range of 200-400 USD. Tascam is an exception to this rule as it can be purchased for just 100 USD. You can also get it for around 60 USD if you explore the online market smartly. 

  1. Do Tascam TH 300X have ANC?

Tascam TH 300X has a long list of features, but ANC is not one of them. It provides many other features focused on maintaining a distortion-free audio experience for the studio work. 

Final Words

My opinion? You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a pair of reasonably priced studio headphones. The Tascam TH 300Xs are a great pair of headphones and you won’t be dissapointed. Especially those of you who are serious about your sound.

Image Product Details Price
backpac Tascam TH-300X -They sound rich and full
-No distortion
-Large ear pads
Check Price

Tascam has launched this device with the intent to win the studios. Well, they have been quite successful in it. Tascam TH 300X comes with healthy rates in impedance, sensitivity, THD, and size of the speaker.

If we talk about over-ear headphones, this product is perfectly designed to fit over ears. It will not provide any chance for the distortion of the outer world to come in. Tascam has introduced the coiled cable in TH 300X, which makes it quite comfortable to be used in a studio. 

To get a top-tier product on a small budget is nothing more than a blessing. Save time and order your headphones at the earliest. You will not regret your decision to do so. 

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