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Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds Review: Are They A Good Choice For 2024?

If you’re anything like me, you appreciate high quality items and aren’t afraid to pay for them.

That being said, every once and awhile, you need quality, but at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Running is one of these situations for me. I intentionally buy great headphones at a lower pricepoint seeing as how I know they’ll take more damage than usual over time.

These situations require a brand that positions itself smack dab in the middle of the headphone market.

One of these brands is Bass Jaxx. Bass Jaxx headphones are popular among music lovers because of their cheap price tag. They offer many high-end features that can lead to a fantastic sound experience.

In this article, I wanted to take some time to discuss Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds , review them , and give an overview of what you can expect if you decide to buy a pair for yourself.

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The Legitimacy of Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds

The Legitimacy of Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds is not a scam, but we can call it a low-quality brand. 

Its legitimacy is proven because Bass Jaxx offers more than one earbuds model. These models have different price ranges and different features. All of the bass Jaxx earbuds models are available in different online stores.

One can easily access these headphones by ordering online on a small budget. It remains the authentic part of its legitimacy because the fake and scam products are not available in various stores like Bass Jaxx. 

Now we need to focus on its offerings and the sound quality as the price tag is low, so it is expected to gain high sales quickly. 

Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds Review

As we mentioned earlier, Bass Jaxx offers multiple models of earbuds. Some of its models are Beam, Power, Verve, and Clique. All of these headphones offer different colors. We are going to review them all together. 

As with many top-tier brands, Bass Jaxx earbuds come in a charging case. This charging case is perfectly sized to be placed in your pockets. 

The charging cases of all the models are made of high-quality plastic. Plastic is finished with a glossy look to make it more attractive with a shiny outer surface. Other than the charging case, earbuds are also manufactured with plastic. Plastic earbuds are made of unique material that cannot hurt the skin around your ears. They are made in a perfect design to fit every ear perfectly. Bass Jaxx earbuds are lightweight so that you won’t feel a burden on your ears even after prolonged use. 

Other than superior material, Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds also offer a touch control panel. It has multiple buttons on the earbuds that help you to perform essential functions.

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds do not produce high-quality sound. If you are a user of high-end earbuds, then these headphones are not for you. 

Bass Jaxx earbuds come at a low price, so expecting them to meet the standards of best earbuds is unfair. Manufacturers call them the best bass experience earbuds. That is not true. They can produce good sound for some genres of music, but for most types of music, you will feel that the sound could be better. Although it offers a 10 mm driver size for an improved sound experience, there are better options for listening to music. 

A muffled sound and broken bass experience might be waiting for you. But if you are new to the earbuds market and want to try something on a short budget, then you might love the sound quality of these wireless earbuds. 

Whenever we talk about wireless earbuds, the first thing that comes to the question is the battery backup. Bass Jaxx offers a good battery backup in its charging case. 

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds have a complete backup of 20 hours. It lasts for 4 hours only on a single charge, and the charging case can recharge it 3 to 4 times maximum. So if you are a user who likes to keep the earbuds intact all the time, these are made for someone else. Yet this battery backup is good if we talk about the price range. 

Money is not everything, so a poor battery backup won’t let you enjoy the music, movies, and podcasts to the fullest. 

Some of the bass Jaxx earbuds are waterproof. Waterproof technology also helps us listen to music during sweat and rain.

Although this feature has yet to be reviewed by the users, it comes with IPX4 waterproof technology in one of its models called Verve. If you are a gym lover and like to listen to your music with a workout, then Bass Jaxx Verve earbuds are the right choice. The sweat you come across during the workout won’t affect these earbuds anymore. 

This feature is a plus point for the users because you don’t get waterproof technology in many expensive earbuds as well, but you are getting it by Bass Jaxx for a few bucks. 

We are approaching the most critical part of any wireless earbuds, the Bluetooth connection. 

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds have incredible Bluetooth connectivity features. It comes with Bluetooth 5.1 technology, among the world’s finest and latest Bluetooth technology. Bass Jaxx Beam earbuds have a limit of 32 feet with Bluetooth connectivity. In this positive feedback, a negative perspective is also there. One of the users reported that whenever he stopped using the music, the Bluetooth connection got lost automatically. It is not the official feature, but it will hurt the connectivity prompt of earbuds. 

Overall, Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds come with robust Bluetooth connectivity features. Its latest technology offers us an excellent Bluetooth range for our earbuds connectivity. 

Every product in the market is known for its one main feature, and low price is the crucial feature for Bass Jaxx earbuds. 

Different models of bass Jaxx earbuds price differently, but they will not cost you more than 20 USD in any scenario. This price range gives us a positive vibe that we can also enjoy the earbuds on a small budget. Warranty is also another aspect that is not available in Bass Jaxx earbuds. Some of the online stores might offer you a 30 days refund policy, but there is no warranty offered officially by the Bass Jaxx technology. 

This sector has a drawback because the price range is positive feedback, but no warranty is harmful. 

After discussing the essential factors of the Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds, we must discuss whether it provides value for money or not. 

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds provide value for money. The earbuds have good sound quality, decent battery life, and a comfortable fit. They also have touch controls, an excellent addition considering the price range. The Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds offer better sound quality and battery life than other wireless earbuds in the same price range. They are an excellent option for anyone looking for budget-friendly wireless earbuds. 

However, if you cannot compromise on the sound quality, you might not like these earbuds even in the small price range.

Pros and Cons of Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds:


  1. Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds are available at a low price. We can buy it for 20 bucks only, which makes it accessible to many users around the globe. 
  2. A comfortable fit is one of its plus points. The earbuds are made of plastic, and the tips are made with very smooth silicone on the ears. 
  3. Multiple sizes are also essential pros for the Bass Jaxx earbuds. It offers multiple silicone ear tip sizes for different sizes of ears. 
  4. Bluetooth connectivity of Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds is something to cheer about. It offers Bluetooth 5.1, which is the latest connectivity technology. 
  5. Its sound quality is good for some genres as it provides value for the money.
  6. The range is an essential aspect of any wireless earbuds. The earbuds offer a 32 feet range in most of its models, enough to make a strong connection. 


  1. The charging case and earbuds are plastic material. Plastic has a glossy finish, but its quality is compromised
  2. The Bass Jaxx earbuds charging case is also not magnetic. So when we open and close it, it produces noise. 
  3. Bass Jaxx offers many variants of its earbuds, but it does not have a connectivity application to support the connectivity. Good wireless products nowadays offer mobile connectivity applications. 
  4. These earbuds offer a touch control panel on the backside of earbuds, but they could be better. They come with limited touch control options, and also they get faulty in a short time. 
  5. The sound quality could be more impressive. Mostly these earbuds will sound like we are listening to a muffled sound.


  1. Are Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds Bass Expert?

The manufacturer claims to offer the finest bass sound experience in its earbuds, but it is invalid. Many users report being impressed by the bass output of these earbuds. However, some users have noted that the bass can sometimes be overpowering, drowning out other frequencies in the music.

It is a common issue with bass-heavy headphones and earbuds and may be challenging for some. So we cannot call them the bass expert earbuds. 

  1. Is Bass Jaxx waterproof?

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds offer multiple variants. Some of them are waterproof and come with IPX4 technology. IPX4 might not be the latest technology, but it will help prevent water and sweat from damaging the earbuds. 

  1. How do you use Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds?

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds will connect automatically. Once you put the earbuds out of the charging case, its blue light will start blinking. This blue light indicates that bass Jaxx earbuds are ready to be paired. You can tap on it on your mobile’s Bluetooth device list, and it will be connected. 

  1. Are Bass Jaxx earbuds scams?

Bass Jaxx earbuds are not a scam. Users have posted positive reviews about it, and the only setback it comes with is the sound quality. They are available in the short price range, so they are not made to provide the extra treble sound experience. These earbuds’ sound quality is not up to the market, but they are legit. 

  1. What Bluetooth Technology is used in Bass Jaxx Earbuds?

Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds come with the latest Bluetooth technology, Bluetooth 5.1. 5.1 Bluetooth is not generally found in the market. These earbuds offer a connectivity range of up to 32 feet. 

Wrapping Up

The Bass Jaxx Wireless Earbuds are an excellent option for anyone looking for budget-friendly wireless earbuds with a comfortable wearing experience.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Bass Jaxx Wireless Type: Over-Ear
Connection: Wired
Check Price

There were rumors about its legitimacy, but now they have been broken. Bass Jaxx wireless earbuds come in different models, and they are all available cheaply. Users call it a very comfortable pair of earbuds for workouts. Sound quality is not up to the market, and its touch features are minimal. 

However, if you are not on a short budget and want a comfortable music experience with healthy Bluetooth technology, these earbuds are made for you.  

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