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lullaband Headphones Review | Let’s Discuss In 2024

Lullaband headphones are an innovative solution that merges calming music with advanced technology to produce a peaceful and immersive sleep encounter. 

lullaband Headphones Review -

As someone who struggled with sleep deprivation and sought a solution, I decided to try Lullaband. I am thrilled to report that it has transformed my restless nights into serene and calming journeys

In this Lullaband headphones review, I will share my experience with Lullaband and how it has positively impacted my sleep quality.

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Playback Time10+ Hours
Weight3.2 Oz
Price30-40 USD
Warranty2 Years

What is Lullaband Headband?

Lullaband headband is a three-in-one sleep headphones product specialized for use as a sleep headphone. It has extremely comfortable fabric and flat earbuds, giving us a smooth and reliable sleeping experience. If you love listening to music before bed but find wearing large headphones while lying down uncomfortable, then the Lullaband sleep headphones are an excellent option.

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Connection: Wireless
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lullaband Headphones Review & Specs and Features:

Lullaband headphone is the epitome of comfortable and hi-fi music headphones that provides incredible music-listening features. These headphones are not just made for sleep time, but they can also be used during household chores and jogging sessions. Here is all you need to know about Lullaband Headphones and its features. 

If you like to lie on one side at night and are uncomfortable with your wired headphones, then Lullaband is the perfect choice. 

Lullaband offers the latest wireless technology rather than a wired connection. It uses Bluetooth for the connection and not just Bluetooth but the latest version of Bluetooth. Lullaband headphones can be connected to all types of devices using wireless technology. If you are an iPhone or Android user, Lullaband is the perfect choice in all scenarios. 

The offerings of Lullaband headphone as a wireless connection is a pleasure to read, especially if we discuss connecting to various devices

The main criticism of wireless headphones is their poor battery life, and sleep headphones could benefit from some improvements.

Lullaband headphones are the first step of sleep headphones toward success. It comes with a playback time of 10+ hours when fully charged. It comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery that easily keeps working for a long time. Its battery can be fully charged in 2 or 2.5 hours easily. 

All these features make it the perfect sleep headphones that can play your favorite tunes all night. 

Bluetooth technology has evolved into a very impressive wireless headphones tech, and Lullaband headphones are the best example. 

Lullaband headphones come with the latest version of Bluetooth, version 5.2. Version 5.2 will take no time to connect to the nearby device once you have turned it on. It can easily provide a robust connection up to 45 feet. That means you can keep the device away from you after connecting it with Lullaband and be safe from the waves at night. 

Even if you look at the most expensive branded headphones, they will not have Bluetooth version 5.2. 

Lullaband is not just a sleep headphone; it also comes with multiple other uses. 

It is best to call it the three-in-one product: the sleep mask, sleep headphones, and sports headband. Many people like to sleep with the sleep mask, so it’s an ultra-soft and hypoallergenic sleep mask for those people. You can keep it on your head during workouts, as its superior-quality elastic will give you a perfect grip. 

Moreover, it can also be used as a headband for household chores. Just tuck it on your head, listen to your favorite music, and do all the work you want to do. 

People usually don’t like sleep headphones because they think they can’t offer a good sound quality; they are mistaken about Lullaband headphones. 

Lullaband headphones came with wonderful frequency response and built quality. All of its internal parts are made with due diligence, allowing it to play all types of music. You can listen to softcore music, rock-style music, and bass-heavy music all at the same time. Its frequency response is perfect for detecting all the lows and playing the highs of the music signals

You will find the sound reproduction quality of Lullaband headphones even better than branded expensive headphones. 

The most important thing that matters the most in any sleep headphones is its fabric quality and its comfort level

Because if the sleep headphones are not made with high-quality soft material, they won’t be comfortable enough to be used at night. Lullaband headphones are made with ultra-soft fabric and breathable mesh lining. Its fabric is hypoallergenic so you won’t feel any allergy with its overnight usage. Moreover, the fabric is made with high-quality elastic, perfect for every head size

The ultra-soft fabric and mesh lining will make you feel extremely comfortable all night. 

You might be wondering about the headphones’ charging features. These headphones can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours maximum. Moreover, its lithium-ion battery is designed to drain less in every environment. It comes with a type c charging cable with it. Overall, Lullaband headphones will offer you an easy and trustworthy charging experience.  

Sleep headphones usually don’t offer a microphone, but Lullaband headphones are a different breed. Lullaband comes with an ANC microphone that provides a wonderful calling experience. It also has volume control and a phone answering/hanging up button on the front side, providing a wonderful calling facility without touching the mobile phone.

This point might take you by surprise, but the fact is that Lullaband headphones are also washable. You can take the cable and other things out of the fabric easily and then wash the fabric. After it is dry, add the cable and earpads, and it’s ready to roll. This facility will help you keep your sleep headphones new constantly. 

Earlier, we mentioned that the Lullaband is not limited to being a sleep headphone. It can also serve as a workout partner due to its exceptional breathable, washable, and sweat-resistant fabric. This lightweight headband won’t feel bulky during your workout, making it the perfect accessory.

When it comes to sleep headphones, many people find them uncomfortable. However, Lullaband is different. Their sleep headphones have flat earbuds that are exceptionally comfortable, especially if you sleep on one side. They fit perfectly on your ears and won’t cause any discomfort.

When you sleep at night, you want to have an extremely comfortable night so the weight of sleep headphones is an important thing in this regard. Lullaband headphones are the perfect sleep mask to keep on your head all night because of their lightweight. It weighs around 3.2 Oz only and its material is also highly comfortable.

There are two major aspects that decide the success of every product and that is its price and warranty. Price is where most of the products fail because they go out of people’s range. Lullaband headphones can be purchased for less than 40 USD online. It comes with a 2 years warranty as well that makes your money completely secure. 


  1. Are sleeping headphones safe?

Sleeping headphones are launched with different perspectives as compared to the other type of headphones. It is specially manufactured by keeping in mind the importance of comfort while sleeping. Its earbuds are not as good as incredible music headphones so they won’t hurt your ears. Neither do they hurt ears nor they are uncomfortable. So the answer is Yes, sleeping headphones are safe. 

  1. How do you clean sleep headphones?

This answer might surprise you a bit but most of the sleep headphones are washable. You don’t need to clean it with the cloth but you need to wash it in the washing machine. You can easily remove the internal parts of good sleep headphones such as Lullaband headphones. Its cable, earbuds and other parts are easily removable. After that, you can wash the fabric in the machine. 

  1. Are Lullaband Headphones for Kids?

Lullaband sleep headphones come with high-quality breathable fabric and exceptional elastic lining. Its size is easily adjustable according to the size of your head. That means the kids can use the Lullaband headphones easily. If your kid is not sleeping, play the night rhymes and put him to sleep using the Lullaband headphones. 

  1. Can sleeping with earphones cause ear pain?

It depends on the type of earphones you are using. If the earphones are made of silicon then there will be less pain and if the ear tips are of robot quality then there will be more pain especially if we sleep down on one side than it is suggested for you to use the sleep headphones only. 

  1. What is the Best Sleep Headphone?

There are multiple sleep headphones available in the market but Lullaband and Perytong are the best. Both these headphones offer a long playback time with a short recharge time. Moreover, these headphones are made of ultra-soft fabric that is extremely comfortable for people at night. Lightweight


In a world filled with sleep aids and gadgets, Lullaband stands out as a true gem

It combines comfort, exceptional sound quality, and innovative features to create a peaceful and immersive sleep experience. My nights have transformed from restless to restful, thanks to the enchanting melodies and the soothing power of Lullaband. If you’re someone who struggles with sleep or simply wishes to enhance your sleep quality, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Lullaband a try. 

It’s a magical companion that lulls you into a world of tranquility and peaceful slumber.

Ken Marshall

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