Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo -

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo: Your Top Pick For 2024

I’ve always been a huge fan of these two brands. Throughout my life i’ve had the chance to enjoy Beats and Skullcandy’s unique take on audio experiences.

This is a battle of two giants and two classic headphones.

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

If you are a music lover (which I hope you are since you’re on this site), you must have heard about these two leading headphones in the market. If not, well then I’ve got a treat for you today.

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo -

Both of these headphones are in a great group of top headphones in the market. They offer a long list of smart features that will give you an incredible music-listening experience. If you are considering purchasing one of them, you owe it to yourself to read this comparison before buying one. 

That being said, if you want to compare Beats Studio 3 with Beats Solo 3 then you can read this article.

If not, let’s dive right into each pick.

Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo

First, we discuss both headphones backgrounds that will help you to select which one is good for you, then we started The Specification and Side-by-Side Comparison:

Beats Background

Beats is a familiar competitor in the market. It has been ruling the market for many years now. It was launched in 2006 by a music director, but in 2014 Apple bought it. As Apple owns Beats, many of its parts are manufactured by Apple. 

Beats have produced some incredible headphones, speakers, and earbuds. Today we will focus on one of the most successful ones, called Beats Studio 3.

Skullcandy Background

Skullcandy was launched in 2003 by two partners but has not been directly involved in the headphone’s competition. Recently, it has expanded its marketing and has launched multiple earphones and headphones in the market. 

Skullcandy Crusher Evo is counted as one of its high-grossed products. So today, we are comparing it with Beats Studio 3.

Key Specs To Consider For Beats Studio 3 Vs. Skullcandy Crusher Evo

Have a look at some of the essential features both models entail and the comparison between the two.

There are multiple types of wearing styles introduced in the headphones. These types are bone conduction, on the ear, over the ear, and more. Music lovers like to have their favorite style so they don’t feel a burden on them when using them for a long time. 

Beats Studio 3 comes with an over-ear wearing style that is the most consumed in the headphones market. People like to wear over-ear headphones because it helps prevent sound leakage. Beats Studio 3 has comfortable ear cups that allow you to relax in long-term use. Its size fits every head, and its ear cups are also adjustable. 

Beats is a big name in the market, but Skullcandy looks like an excellent competitor. Its Crusher Evo comes with over-ear earcups that are insanely comfortable. Even if you use them for long hours, their lightweight and comfortable headband won’t disturb you. 

Now we are talking about the most significant part of any headphone. Impedance is responsible for preventing the resistance of the current when it passes through headphones. It is a natural phenomenon that when current passes through different parts, it suffers resistance. Impedance in headphones tells us the range of headphones to deal with resistance. 

Beats never disappoint us in the case of high-tech features in its headphones. The impedance of Studio 3 is calculated at 35 Ohms. 35 Ohms is above average. 30 Ohms is a healthy addition to any headphones. 35 Ohms mean the Beats Studio 3 can amplify and reshape the music to the finest level.

Skullcandy also comes with a healthy impedance level of 32 Ohms. It is lower than Beats Studio 3 but more than what we need as casual music lovers. No matter how much resistance will be produced in the headphones, this impedance level is perfect for keeping the sound pure. 

The plastic quality and color are the most significant when we talk about the importance of built quality in headphones. Many headphones are made with low-quality material, which is not a good use of money for us. Let’s see what these two headphones offer us. 

The outer surface of Beats Studio 3 has been designed with top-tier plastic. The plastic is sturdy, and it cannot break in minor accidents. It comes in multiple colors. They are all beautiful and will suit everyone regardless of age and skin tone. 

Skullcandy has improved a lot in its headphone offerings. But its outer shell might not be better than Studio 3. The materials used in making these headphones are average, but their colors are excellent. It suits better on some people as compared to Beats Studio 3.

No matter what the outer surface is made of. The only thing that matters the most in headphones is sound quality. Sound intensity is measured in decibels and is called sensitivity in technical terms

Sensitivity is considered good if it can detect both the lowest and the highest good note. Beats Studio has stretched it to the maximum by providing a sensitivity of 98 dB, as these Studios are purposely made as Studio headphones. Hence, its low notes working is quite an impressive one. I can’t say that about the high notes, as the max sensitivity is only 98 dB. 

Skullcandy has won the battle. This time it’s Crusher Evo, which comes with 100 dB of maximum sensitivity. High sensitivity means these headphones have better sound pressure levels than Studio 3. 

While discussing the importance of sound intensity, we must include the significance of Bass. Some people only like to play music with Extra Bass, so they look for a unique feature of Bass in their headphones. 

Beats Studio 3 can play the maximum sound pressure of 98 dB only. It is the average sound response, so we cannot call it the bass expert. If you want headphones with bass expert features, you should go for Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

The manufacturer provided a slider to adjust the Bass on Crusher Evo. Its sensitivity response is also high, and so is its dual-channel bass system. These headphones might be the only ones with a slider to maintain the immersive Bass. 

To survive in the market competition, every headphone needs to be perfect with its battery performance. That is where most headphones accept defeat because of poor battery backup

Beats never disappoint us in case of battery performance. Its Studio 3 comes with a massive battery backup of around 40 hours. It will take only 1.5 hours to be fully charged. Once it’s fully charged, you’ll forget to set it again. Forty hours of battery backup is something incredible in any headphones.

Skullcandy has provided multiple innovative features in Crusher Evo, and a good battery setup is one of them. It can also easily last more than 40 hours on a single charge. The only setback is that it needs 2.5 hours to be fully charged

Do You Know?

Beats Studio 3 comes with long-lasting battery performance. It takes just 1.5 hours to charge fully; backup is around 40 hours. But it can last for 22 hours only if its ANC feature is active throughout. So choose wisely the use of ANC.

The world is progressing rapidly, and so is the headphones market. There was a time when we, as a user, suffered sound leakage from both ends of our headphones. That was very annoying, especially when we were in a crowded place and sounds from outside interrupted us. So an advanced feature of active noise cancellation was introduced in the elements. 

There is one more feather in the cap of Studio 3, and it is called ANC. Beats have provided a majestic ANC feature in the headphones that won’t allow any sound leakage. Also, it will resist all types of sound coming from outside. 

Skullcandy needs to catch up on this vital feature. There might be multiple reasons and justifications, but the answer is negative. Yes, these are over-ear headphones with ear cups that prevent sound leakage. But its performance cant be like ANC. 

A frequency response in any headphone tells us its ability to play the minimum and maximum sound. It is rated as one of the essential features of any headphones. The response should be as minimum as possible and as complete as possible.

Beats have produced the Studio 3 headphones as a Studio expert. So they cover all aspects of headphones. It comes with a frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. That makes it a perfect choice for low and high notes music.

Crusher Evo is also a bass expert. So it offers the same frequency response of 20 Hz to 20 KHz. 20 Hz is a perfect frequency response to play bass music. So its claim of being a bass expert becomes true with it.

A banter between wireless and wired headphones never ends. There is a strong claim by wired headphone users that the Bluetooth connection is not strong enough for a flawless experience. Let’s see where our headphones stand with this one. 

The manufacturer has launched Crusher Evo with Bluetooth connectivity of 5.0. It also enjoys a low latency rate of only 40 ms. Low latency helps headphones to work well for online gaming as online gaming is a rapidly increasing market nowadays. 

Sony MDR 7506 has tried to win the market with many features, but unfortunately, max power is not one of them. Its max power is quite low compared to Tascam. Sony MDR 7506 can deal with 1000 mW only. That means a distortion danger is available in your compositions. 

Do You Know?

Beats Studio 3 comes with Apple h1 chipset. This chipset is one of the latest technologies made by Apple. Apple h1 is known for its improved connection and working capabilities. 

The driver is the most crucial part of every pair of headphones. It consists of multiple components and has a special duty to perform. The headphones driver absorbs the electric signals and converts them into audible sounds. So its significance must be addressed.

There is a clear rule about the performance of drivers. A large size headphone driver is always good for performing better sound conversion. Beats Studio 3 comes with a 40 mm driver that is above average. It can provide in-detail sound with this handsome size. 

Crusher Evo also comes with a good size driver that is 40 mm. It can reproduce a superb sound by absorbing and vibrating with electric signals. Skullcandy sound will not let you regret your decision. 

Side-to-side comparison of any product is complete with discussing its price and security provided by the manufacturer.

Beats come with a one year warranty and a healthy price of around 200+ USD. The features offered in this product could be more attractive. So a one-year warranty is always a plus point for it.

Crusher Evo is one of the highest-grossed products by Skullcadny. Rightly so, it comes to around 150-180 USD. Not expensive compared to the Beats Studio 3. Also, it offers a one-year warranty as well

A side-by-side comparison of these devices is provided here for your better understanding. 

Side-by-Side Comparison

Here is a short table displaying the primary features of Beats Studio 3 and Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

FeaturesBeats Studio 3Skullcandy Crusher Evo
Battery Backup40 hours without ANC40 Hours
Sensitivity98 dB100 dB
Impedance35 Ohms32 Ohms
Frequency Response20 Hz-20 KHz 20 Hz-20 KHz
Latency Rate40 ms40 ms
Price200 USD – 240 USD150 USD – 200 USD
Warranty1 Year1 Year
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


  1. Why is Skullcandy better than Beats?

There are many similarities between Skullcandy Crusher Evo and Beats Studio 3. Why people like Crusher Evo more due to its bass technology. It offers a dual-channel bass slider that makes it a bass-expert headphone. 

  1. Do all Beats Studio 3 have noise canceling?

Yes. Beats Studio 3 has a built-in ANC feature, making it a perfect choice to be heard in a crowded place. Active Noise Cancellation or ANC feature prevents the outer noise from sneaking into your headphones. This feature lets us enjoy our music fully by avoiding sound leakage from either side. 

  1. How long does Skullcandy Crusher Evos last?

Skullcandy Crusher Evo is made with excellent battery backup. They take 2.5 hours to be fully charged and can last approximately 40 hours. Also, it provides a quick charge feature, enabling it to last 4 hours with just 10 minutes of charging. 

  1. Can you answer calls on Beats Studio 3?

Yes, you can answer calls on Beats Studio 3, as it comes with a microphone. Moreover, you can use its logo button on the ear cup to accept or reject calls without using your mobile. It comes with 5.0 Bluetooth, the latest technology, and will provide the best calling experience. 

  1. Is the Skullcandy Crusher Evo waterproof?

No Skullcandy Crusher Evo is neither waterproof or sweatproof. So using it in a sweaty gym session is not recommended. 


The Headphone world is full of versatile products offering outstanding features for different users. 

You will find a few headphones in the market that are as good as casual and professional headphones.

Beats Studio 3 and Skullcandy Crusher Evo are the most admired headphones for this reason. In some scenarios, both headphones enjoy many similarities, like charging, Bluetooth, built quality, and latency rate. Casual lovers love Skullcandy Crusher Evo because it offers an impressive bass slider on headphones. 

It is time to make a decision, and a decision has been made. If you are a bass lover, you should go with Skullcandy Crusher Evo.

Ken Marshall

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