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10 Proven Fixes To JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off?

Whether you wish to play a video game or listen to your favorite music; JBL headphones aim to offer a great sound experience to its user.
Fret not as this post is created to address the possible causes of this technical issue and help you resolve it. So, without wasting your time, read on and get benefitted why do JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off? 

JBL is undoubtedly one of the known brands for its affordable yet high-quality audio products, including earbuds, subwoofers, speakers, and headphones. Although the company is popular for its subwoofers; however, you can get an amazing range of comfortable, lightweight, and high-quality headphones as well. 

10 Fixes To JBL Headphones Keep Turning OFF:

When a JBL Bluetooth headset starts frequently disconnecting without warning, it becomes frustrating especially when you are in the middle of a meeting or listening to something important. However, some common disconnecting issues can be fixed all by yourself. Here’s how:

1. Auto-off Feature: 

A majority of JBL headphones feature an auto-off feature that enables when the device is inactive for 10 or more minutes. It automatically turns off the audio equipment when it is not in use to save battery.

2. Unstable Bluetooth Connection: 

Pairing both devices correctly and keeping them nearby can help in establishing a stable and smooth connection. Moreover, there shouldn’t be any kind of interruptions within the range in the form of other Bluetooth devices. 

3. Battery-Related Issues:

Mostly, when the JBL headset is turned off on its own and you can’t connect it back, then it can be because of a low or drained battery. Besides, a weak battery and its wrong installation can also cause the headphone to turn off unwarned. 

4. Software Bug:

Encountering a software bug is a common issue in electronic devices that can happen overnight, resulting in a corrupted update.

5. Driver Issue:

Driver issues can also result in turning off the JBL headphones. It usually happens when the drivers are out of date and need an update.

6. Faulty Hardware:

Hardware issues are common in audio equipment, making them turn off frequently. To figure out whether it needs repair or replacement, you have to seek help from an expert. 

7. Wiring fault:

Faulty wiring and problems with components can also disconnect Bluetooth devices. If the damage is minor, you might be able to fix it on your own. However, in other cases, consider professional advice. 

8. Multiple Connectivities:

Some JBL headset models may not work well with multiple devices at a time and may cause an interruption in the connection. 

9. Try Resetting:

Resetting the headset can solve a lot of common issues that are responsible for turning off your equipment. You can either format the device entirely or just reset the Bluetooth settings. 

When To Reset JBL Headset?

Resetting the JBL headset can solve several issues. For example:

  • When a Bluetooth device is not able to find headphones to pair while scanning. 
  • If there is any other pairing issue.
  • When you can hear sound on one side only.
  • Headphones keep turning off even when they are fully charged.
  • If you experience delayed audio while watching a video or playing a game. 
  • Usually, software issues are sorted after resetting the device. 

What If None Of The Solutions Work?

If nothing works for you, contact JBL customer service for assistance. Meanwhile, you can put your headset on standby mode.

Another option is to contact an independent professional repairer. However, don’t forget to ask for a service quote beforehand. Usually, repairing may cost you more, and getting a new helmet is a wise idea in that case.


The most unpleasant, frustrating, and annoying experience while enjoying some music or catching up on a lecture is when your headphones disconnect automatically. 

This issue is highlighted by JBL headphone users and we have shared some quick solutions to solve the issue. Sometimes the problem is more minor than we think and at times it requires expert advice. The key is to diagnose the issue properly and solve it accordingly. 

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