Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones While Using -

Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones While Using | A Complete Guide In 2023

Bluetooth headphones have taken the world by storm, and now every music lover wants to have Bluetooth headphones. Although there are many advantages to owning Bluetooth headphones, some disadvantages are challenging.

Can You Charge Bluetooth Headphones While Using -

Do You Know?

Charging backup of any Bluetooth headphones is its most significant setback. Music lovers, live video gamers, and movie lovers all need to have their Bluetooth headphones running for a long time, but they can’t. So it will lead to many concerns in your mind and one of those concerns is using headphones while charging.

This question has been answered differently every time by the experts. Our blog is focused on answering whether can you charge Bluetooth headphones while using them or not. 

The answer to this question will be tricky because it depends on many things, such as the type of headphones, battery, and more.

But if your JBL Headphones Keep Turning Off and you don’t know how to fix this issue, then you can read this article.

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones?

Before we jump to our main topic, we need to know the basics of using Bluetooth headphones. One of these basics is to learn how to attach Bluetooth headphones to your device. We have compiled some steps for your better understanding. 

Step 1: Go to Bluetooth Settings

It doesn’t matter which device you are using, a laptop or cell phone. All you need to do first is to go to the Bluetooth settings. The way to go with the Bluetooth settings can be different for devices. Search in the search box of Windows and the primary setting of mobile. You will get the option of Bluetooth settings. 

Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth

In the second step, you need to turn on your Bluetooth. When you reach the Bluetooth settings, you will be able to see a toggle switch that is meant for turning on Bluetooth. Turn that switch on. 

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones - Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth -

Step 3: Turn the Headset On

Now it is time to turn your Bluetooth headset on. Turning on the headsets varies according to the make and model of your headset. Usually, there is a small button given on the Bluetooth headphones. It will give you the beep sound or beeping light that indicates it is on now. 

Step 4: Pair Devices

Now go back to your mobile or laptop. You will see a list of available devices in your Bluetooth settings. Select your Bluetooth headphones from this list, and it will be paired. 

How to Charge Bluetooth Headphones - Step 4: Pair Devices -

Can you charge Bluetooth headphones while using them?

Now we are heading to our main question of charging Bluetooth headphones and using them simultaneously. The answer to this question is a clear no, and there are multiple reasons. 

The primary reason behind this now is that most headphones are not meant to be charged at the exact time of usage. They will turn off automatically when you connect them by charging. They come with USB charging, which won’t help you in any scenario. You might have seen many people on the internet trying to say yes to this question with different remedies, but certainly, it is not possible. You can see some headphones that can do the job, but they are costly.

If we talk about the standard headphones in the market, it is impossible to use them while charging. Only if you insist on doing so can it lead to severe damage. 

Damages Caused By Using The Bluetooth Headphones While Charging Them:

As mentioned earlier, using Bluetooth headphones while charging them is not possible.

Most of the headphones will automatically turn off when plugged in for charging. If some of them don’t turn off and you insist on using them while charging, it will lead to some damage

We have listed these damages to tell you the seriousness of the matter. Here is the list of disadvantages for you. 

1. Overheat:

Bluetooth headphones are not made to be used while charging, so they can overheat for sure. Even if you use them for a long time, their heating will increase, and you will feel this overheating around your ear. This overheating is not a good sign for Bluetooth headphones and the user. 

3. Overall Performance:

If you persist in using your Bluetooth headphones while putting them on a charge, you should also be ready for their poor performance. Forcing the internal organs of Bluetooth to work with charging will affect the headphones’ overall performance. It can decrease the battery performance and speaker quality as well. 

4. Damage to ears:

Mostly, Bluetooth headphones will overheat when charging if you use them for a long time, mainly because you don’t want to drain the battery and keep it on charge. Its overheating can hurt your ears. Your ears will feel the heat coming through the headphones. It can damage your ears. 

5. Battery Issue:

Do you know the essential thing in any Bluetooth headphone, its battery? Battery plays a vital role in the success of any Bluetooth device. Even our topic today tells us that poor battery backup can drag us to something dangerous. So, using Bluetooth headphones while also charging them will directly hit the battery. Your battery will not be the same anymore. 

6. Electrocuted

As we mentioned earlier, the parts of any Bluetooth headphones are not meant to be used when charged. It can lead to a short circuit. This short circuit can be disastrous for you. As we all know, short circuits in headphones can be lethal. 

The Solution to this Problem:

All of the above are the disadvantages of using Bluetooth headphones with a charger. The purpose of mentioning these damages is to make you aware that they can be harmful. We also have a solution for your Problem, and we will list what can be done in this scenario. 

  • Certain Models:

You can’t charge the standard Bluetooth headphones while in use, but some products come as exceptions. A suggestion for you is to look for those specific models that are specifically mentioned to be able to charge while getting used as Bluetooth headphones. This remained the leading solution. Although these types of models are expensive, they can solve our issue. 

  • Battery Backup:

Do you know why we want to charge our Bluetooth headphones while using them? Because we are fed up with poor battery backup. The only solution to this problem is to have headphones with superior battery backup; purchase a better battery backup for a beautiful experience. 


  1. Can you charge Bluetooth headphones while using them?

Yes, you can charge Bluetooth headphones while using them, but not all of them. Regular headphones available in the market could be better to charge and use simultaneously. You can use some expensive headphones for this purpose. Also, using them for a long time while charging can be harmful. 

  1. When should you charge Bluetooth headphones?

You should sufficiently charge Bluetooth headphones every time you use them. If you have used most of its battery backup, you should plug it in for charging again. It depends on the device and how many charging hours it needs. 

  1. How long do headphones need to charge?

It depends on what company and model you are using. Headphones usually take around 2 hours for the entire charging and complete backup. It can vary according to your model. 

  1. How long do wireless headphones last?

Battery backup of wireless headphones is the major setback in most cases. Most will last for 3 to 4 hours if you charge them fully. That is what disturbs the most. You charge them for a long time and the battery backup could be better. 

  1. Can headphones expire?

There is no expiry for the headphones, as there is no expiry for many devices worldwide. It depends on the quality of the headphones and how you use them. They can also become faulty in months, but they can run for many years. No specific expiry whatsoever. 

Final Words:

Wired and wireless headphones have their pros and cons. For now, the world is too dependent on Bluetooth headphones, which raises many questions in people’s minds. 

One of these questions is to charge Bluetooth headphones while using them. The answer to this question is mixed. Primarily, it is not suggested to use it while charging as it can be harmful. If you insist on using it because of an urgent need, you should use it for less time. More time can result in overheating and short circuits. 

In addition to the pros and cons, we have provided you with traditional remedies for this problem.

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